How to improve sex?!

How can we have better sex? The health of sex life is very important like the health of the body. In this article, from Dr. Salam’s sex section, we will examine ways to have better sex.

When is the best time to talk to your spouse about sex?

Many factors can affect the weakening of sexual relations, but one of the surprising factors is the lack of relations. That is, the lower the relationship, the lower the desire.

For example, you may feel that you have been very good at sex and your partner is very satisfied with it, when in reality this is not the case and he is feeling tired and dissatisfied with your relationship.

Regardless of people’s desire and desire for sex, some do not feel the desire to do it because they are not satisfied with their sexual relationship. Try to talk to your partner about this and find the root cause of this reluctance. The feeling of stress in communication causes reluctance and decrease in sex.

Whenever you talk about your sex outside of the bed, there will be no psychological pressure on either side. For this reason, experts recommend that you talk about it outside of bed.

Better sex with masturbation

Masturbation makes you gain more knowledge about yourself, both mentally and physically. Some experts advise couples who are not satisfied with their sex to masturbate and then demand the same behavior from their partner.

There are no dos or don’ts for masturbation. Whenever you use hands, pillows, water, vibrators and other devices, you are doing it right.

But whenever you find your favorite method, you can share it with your spouse.

Better sex with vaginal lubrication

Some women may experience vaginal dryness for many reasons. Using lubricants can multiply your sexual pleasure.

Women who have a smoother vagina reach orgasm faster and the more moist they are, the more desire they have for sex.

If you want to use lubricants for the first time, consider the following:

Avoid oil-based lubricants:

Even if you are menopausal or trying to get pregnant, still protect your relationship. Oily lubricants destroy latex condoms.

Remember that silicone lubricants should not be used with silicone tools or water-based lubricants can be used.

Use products that do not contain glycerin and sugar:

Both of these elements cause a change in the pH of the vagina, and this causes the growth of a fungal infection.

Keep in mind that household products are not good lubricants:

Avoid butter, olive oil, coconut oil and other household products.

Write down your relationships:

Having a regular schedule helps to have a satisfying relationship.

Some couples always complain that their spouse keeps rejecting them, so having a regular schedule makes people act a little more responsible and the fear of rejecting the request will disappear because on the specified date of both People will prepare for

Also, knowing that you are going to have sex makes you think about it more throughout the day.

Have unplanned sex:

Although having a sex schedule helps a healthy relationship, some couples are reluctant to do so and prefer to do it whenever they feel like it.

For this reason, some experts recommend unplanned and spontaneous sex.

Unplanned sex may discover something new that an unplanned relationship cannot.

Don’t let your gender stop you from having sex:

Do not think that because you are a woman, you should not ask for a relationship. In fact, women are more likely to have sex than mensex

Of course, not all women around us are like this, but look for your needs and don’t be ashamed of this natural feeling that is institutionalized in you.

Women experience this feeling more than men and have a greater desire for a relationship but refrain from expressing it because they are afraid of being found out.

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