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How To Keep Fit While Working Full-Time

Working a full-time job and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be difficult by anyone’s standards. These five simple tips are aimed on how to keep fit while working full-time!

Find a sports-related hobby

Take up a hobby that involves some form of physical activity that you can take part in at least once a week.

Why not join a local sports club? Not only is this an excellent way to regularly exercise, it’s also a great way to have fun and socialize with likeminded people that share the same interests.

Make time to exercise

In addition to your new hobby, you should be aiming to exercise at least twice more each week. This could be something as simple as going for a run, or perhaps heading down to your local gym for a workout.

Many people associate exercise with costing a lot of money through having to pay out excessive amounts to join a gym or to be a member of a sports club. Others’ simply stress that they don’t have the time to fit exercise into their busy routine. For those of you that can relate to either of these points, there are now many budget gyms across the country open 24 hours a day. So even if money is tight and your schedule is jam-packed, there’s no excuse not to exercise!

If you are still struggling to find the time to exercise, try going for a jog on your lunch break; this can help relieve any stress you’re under at work, and increase your productivity levels as a result.

Aim to achieve something to be proud of

Goals are great motivators! Whether it be a personal one or something you’re aiming towards as a team – perhaps you’re in training for a charity sporting event with work colleagues – having specific targets in place and an overall goal in mind will keep you determined and driven.

As a bonus this could work out to be a great peace of PR for your company!

Eat well

As well as exercise, it is essential to be eat healthily to give your body the fuel it requires to run properly. Ensuring that your diet is low in fat and incorporates plenty of fruit and vegetables, while aiming for lower protein content (to reduce acidosis in the body) is essential.

If you currently work in an office, it’s not uncommon to find yourself snacking regularly (sometimes without realizing it!) Try keeping a small bowl of fruit on your desk; not only will this help encourage you to eat more fruit, it will also prevent you from reaching for the biscuit tin every half hour.

Keep hydrated

Drinking enough water is just as essential as eating correctly. Men and women should be aiming to consume at least 4 litres of water per day.

By incorporating some or all of the above five tips into your current lifestyle, you should begin to notice gradual improvements in your health and fitness. Remember to maintain and improve on these levels where you can, to ensure any progress you make is not lost!


Contributing Author: Annie Godfrey is a keen blogger and social media enthusiast. She is passionate about health and fitness and can usually be found either lacing up her trainers or devouring one of her favourite fitness blogs. Annie has worked in various roles within the industry and currently writes for The Gym Group.


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