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How to Kick-Start your Vegan Beauty Journey

Going vegan is quite a
trend lately. However, the topic is still debatable whether or not going vegan
will solve all our environmental problems.

For all those who are
beginners to veganism, you must know that going vegan does not only mean the
type of food you consume but also the things you put on your skin.

Nowadays, you will see the
internet is flooded with vegan beauty advice and all the beauty influences trust
and recommend vegan products. Vegan beauty is such a rage that we decided to
bring to you everything you need to know about it. First and foremost, let us
first learn what is vegan beauty.

What is Vegan Beauty?

Vegan beauty is just like vegan food where you have to say no to all animal products. The products which claim to be Vegan do not contain any animal-derived ingredients and also the raw ingredients are not tested on animals.

When people decide to go completely vegan, they tend to abstain from all animal-derived products starting from what they eat to what they wear and also what they use on their bodies.

Animal testing has been banned in the UK since 2013 but it continues to flourish in almost 80 countries worldwide. In China, animal testing is a legal requirement. So, if you are shooting to be vegan and your favorite brand has its factories in China, then you might just want to reconsider your thought. When a company claims to be vegan it does not necessarily mean that its ingredients are not tested on animals. Therefore, a sunflower symbol has become a trusted trademark of the Vegan Society in order to allow the customer to identify the Vegan products. Choices may be limited when it comes to switching to Vegan products but it is going to be worth it.

Why Should You Choose Vegan Beauty?

Veganism is on the rise now and it is very important to choose the right kind of product. From what we put into our bodies to what we put on our bodies, it’s all the same when it comes to veganism.

Whether you are just a beginner or a pro in this field or you are a pro you should always look for the reasons as to why you want to make this switch. In order to make it easier for you we here have a list of reasons curated for you.

  • It Lowers the Demand of Animal Produced Products

Boycotting the products
derived from animals will enable you to support the cause and reduce animal torcher
and slaughter. Using animal served products will increase their production in
the market which in turn will put innocent animals at risk. Therefore, going
vegan will reduce this demand and will save a lot of animals.

  • They Do Not Contain
    By-products of Dead Animals

Most of the products
available in the market use extract from dead insects as well as uric acid from
cows which are not healthy for your skin. It is surprising but true. Switching
to vegan products will allow you to use more healthy products and you do not have to
worry about slathering dead animals’ by-products all over your face.

  • Vegan Products Are Also

If you love animals then
you must definitely switch to cruelty-free products. Going vegan can be a very
important stop this cruelty towards animals. Using vegan products will mean
that none of their ingredients will be tested on animals and they will not be
harmed or killed in any manner during the manufacturing of the product. So,
next time when you shop for a mascara, go for a mascara which is cruelty-free.

  • Vegan Beauty Is A Better
    Option for Sensitive Skin

Vegan products use lesser ingredients and therefore they are proved to be better for sensitive skin. The more the ingredients the more you have the chances of developing skin concerns such as rashes, irritation, inflammation, etc. Chances are barely a minimum for people with sensitive skin to react to vegan ingredients.

  • Vegan Beauty Is Safer for
    The Planet

Vegan products not only use safe ingredients but they also use recycled materials for their packaging. It means that the materials which usually clog the landfills are used by vegan companies to package their products. This process is going to free the world from the situation of overflowing landfills thereby making it a much cleaner and safer place to live in.

  • Vegan Products Use
    Naturally Derived Ingredients

Vegan products use natural ingredients such as aloe vera, chamomile, seaweed and essential oils which are rich in minerals and therefore chances of getting your face destroyed are slim to none. All these ingredients work wonders for your face and you will not be in the prolonged exposure of harmful chemicals. Vegan companies understand the importance of using natural ingredients in their products, especially in cosmetics.

  • Vegan Beauty Products Have
    Anti-Aging Benefits

Having anti-aging properties
does not mean that you are going to look ten years younger than your age. It
will be a false claim. What it really means is that the ingredients used in
vegan products will slow down the aging process keeping your skin youthful and
glowing for long. Since they use natural ingredients, they are going to reduce
the appearance of acne and other skin concerns thereby keeping your skin hydrated
and plump.

  • Vegan Makeup Products Are of

As already discussed, vegan makeup products use much more natural ingredients that have no fragrance or side effects. They last longer on the skin making it smooth and bright and also their application is much easier and flawless than other chemically loaded beauty products.

  • Using Vegan Products Gives
    You A Peaceful Feeling

Apart from all the
benefits on the skin, it is also beneficial for the health of your heart and
mind. Most of the time you keep stressing about the ingredients used in your
cosmetic products because you have no clue about their scientific names. But
when it comes to vegan products you know exactly what you are applying thereby
keeping your mind and heart stress-free and healthy.

  • Vegan Beauty Products Satisfy Every Budget

When it comes to making
the switch, you must know that there are fewer options available. But having
said so it does not mean that you will not get quality products. Vegan products
are available to suit every budget from high end to basics they have it all. If
you are planning to go vegan you do not have to limit your finances or
preferences because there is something for everybody.

Some Non-vegan Ingredients
to Avoid

While buying vegan
products you must look at the ingredients list very carefully. It might be
possible that the company claims to be vegan but it uses animal-derived
by-products. So, here is a list of all the non-vegan ingredients you should

1. Lanolin

It is a product derived from sheep’s wool and it acts as an emollient that moisturizes and softens the skin. An alternative to this product will be essential would and coconut butter or shea butter.

2. Shellac

It is the product obtained from small lac bugs and millions of these insects are killed in order to obtain a small amount of this product. This is an ingredient to look out for in nail paints.

3. Casein

It is derived from cows’
milk which is used in hair conditioning and facial treatment products. A vegan
alternative is to use plant-based milk.

4. Squalene

It is a chemical obtained
from shark liver. It is known to have anti-aging properties. A vegan
alternative is to use vegetable squalene obtained from wheat germ and olives.

5. Guanine

It is obtained from the
scales of dead fish. It is used to add that shimmer and glitter to the makeup
products and nail paints.

6. Oleic Acid

It is also an emollient derived from animal fat. It is used for its moisturizing properties. Vegan alternatives are plant-based oleic acid derived from nuts, coconut, and olives.

7. Stearic Acid

It is derived from the stomach of pigs and cows. Another alternative use of animal fat. But it is less likely to harm your skin.

8. Carmine

It is the red tint used in most makeup products to provide the red color to it. They are derived by killing hundreds of insects to produce small amounts.

9. Collagen

Known for its anti-aging properties collagen is derived from the bones, skin, ligaments, and tissues of animals. A healthy alternative includes collagen derived from amla oil and almond oil.

10. Elastin

It is also derived in the
same way from animals as collagen. Vegan alternatives include hyaluronic acid.

11. Keratin

It is also a well-known ingredient found most commonly in hair and nail products. A vegan alternative includes amla (Indian gooseberry) oil and almond oil.

12. Beeswax

As the name suggests it is obtained from honey bees and is often used in lip balms and lip products. The vegan alternative includes wax obtained from plants.

The Bottom Line

Switching to vegan products is to support a very noble cause. It not only saves a lot of animals from getting slaughtered but it is also beneficial for the skin. You do not have to be a pro to understand vegan products which is the best part. So happy veganizing!

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