How to learn different types of hair texture

When you want to braid your hair, there are many styles. In addition, you can braid your hair one or two or braid all your hair in one bunch or several bunches.


1- English texture
Among the different hair weave models, the easiest weave model is the English weave, which consists of weaving three strands of hair together. For this model, divide the entire hair into 3 equal parts. This way you will have a middle part and a part on the right and a part on the left. Begin weaving by bringing the left part over the middle part, so that the left part is now in the middle and the part that was in the middle is on the left side. Now bring the right part over the middle part, so that it is now in the middle and the middle part is on the right. Bring the left side over the middle again and then the right side over the middle. Continue the weave until about 5 to 8 cm of hair remains. After that, tie the bottom of the hair with a hair band or ribbon. You can also divide the hair into two parts and divide each part into three equal parts and braid the hair in two.


2- Texture of fish blade
The razor fish model got its name from its resemblance to the texture of fish scales. Among the different types of hair weaves, unlike the simple weave, the razor fish weave only requires two sections of hair, so part the hair in the middle into two sections. Take a small amount of hair from the back of your neck, the thickness of this part should not be more than 1.5 cm. Bring this part from the right side to the left part. Bring a 1.5 cm thick section of hair from the left side to the right part. Continue by bringing a small section of hair from right to left and from left to right, until a few centimeters remain from the bottom of the hair. Then tie the bottom of your hair with a hair band.


3- French texture
The French braid starts from the top of the head and continues to the bottom. This model is a great option for when you want to collect your hair completely from your face. This model is also suitable for formal occasions such as parties. Start the French braid by gathering a small section of hair at the top of your head and dividing it into three sections. Fold the right part to the middle, then fold the left part to the middle. Add a small amount – about 1.5cm thick – of the rest of your hair to the right side, then bring it to the middle. Continue the weave by adding 1.5 cm of hair to each part until you reach the back of your neck and all your hair is divided into three parts. From here on, braid your hair in an English style, then tie the bottom of the hair with an elastic band.


4-Dutch texture
Dutch texture is the opposite of French texture. In this weave, you bring each part of the hair under the other parts instead of on top. Dutch weave is usually used to make a corn model. To create a row, three strand dutch weave, divide a section of hair in the center and top of your head into three equal sections. Bring the right part from the bottom to the middle, then the left part from the bottom to the middle. Add a small amount of hair to this section before bringing the right section back down to the center. Do the same for the left side. Continue the weave to the bottom of your head, adding small amounts of hair to each section until you reach the bottom of your head. Weave the rest of the hair by bringing each part under the other part and tie the bottom of the hair with an elastic band.


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