How to look ten years younger at the age of fifty!

Perhaps the most important thing to consider in the fight against time is that age is actually just a number. Fifty years old is almost never considered old age, and if reaching this stage of life does not bother you, it is likely that others will not be upset. for this job Laugh, have fun, take part in activities you enjoy, and don’t let a few meaningless calendars take away your excitement. And as you do all this, equip yourself with a few new tips and tricks to keep you looking youthful emotionally and nothing but yourself can reveal your true age. Of course, only if you want to.

Step 1

Go to your hairdresser. Layering your hair gives it volume, and a good hairdresser can add highlights to your hair to neutralize any dark spots, rosacea, or general darkening of the skin that sometimes occur with age. Bangs are also a great anti-aging weapon, especially when tilted to one side because they cover the wrinkles on the forehead and at the same time draw attention away from the jaw lines and loose neck skin. They also hide thinning hair. Be careful not to make a difference in the middle because it looks very bad and instead of reducing the age, it adds several years to your age.

Step 2

Look in your closet and give old clothes to others. Apart from formal and work clothes that you may need, separate sets of one color and wear them separately. Set the black with dark blue or brown, discard the adhesive and nylon tights and expose your legs. Do not be afraid to wear jeans with high heels and a glamorous top.

You can wear white in winter and black in summer and multiple designs together as long as they can be coordinated. Just be sure to try on the clothes and make sure they fit your current body perfectly. Dress appropriately according to your tradition. Short skirts or tops above the navel, even though you try to look younger, make you look older! Even if you still have great bellies and legs like you did at 25.

Step 3

Try a new skin care routine. Wash your face, chin and neck daily with a non-foaming cleanser and exfoliate with alpha hydroxy acid. Moisturize your skin with a moisturizer rich in antioxidants such as coenzyme Q10, vitamin C and alpha lipoic acid. Your moisturizer should contain shea butter or other powerful moisturizers as well as sunscreen.
If you smoke, quit. Cigarette smoke narrows the skin’s blood vessels and damages the collagen (which your skin needs to maintain elasticity and radiance). If you notice sagging skin, add a firming serum containing retinol and peptide to your routine.

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Step 4

Have a healthy diet. Fill your plate with dark green leafy vegetables as well as walnuts, blueberries and strawberries. Also increase your intake of foods rich in calcium and vitamin D. A Mediterranean diet full of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, olive oil will help you live longer, feel better and look healthier. Take vitamin B12 supplements or increase your B12 intake naturally by eating fish and meat.

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