How to maintain the flexibility of our skin in winter?

In cold weather, due to the fact that the skin becomes dry and its flexibility is reduced, it is possible to find a way to follow up on the drying of the skin.

Apple face mask

Apple has antiseptic properties and is rich in vitamins and minerals. The best feature of apples is that they contain malic acid. This acid exfoliates your skin and makes your complexion clear and bright. To prepare this mask, slice an apple. Boil some water and put the apple in it. After a few minutes, the apple slices will be soft. Apply these sheets on the pimples on your face. Wait for twenty minutes and then wipe your face with a cotton or woolen towel. The redness and inflammation of your pimples will disappear and you will feel that your pimples are empty. This is one of the most effective ways to have healthy, soft and flexible skin in winter.

Carrot face mask

Carrots are rich in vitamins A, B and C. With the carrot mask, your skin will be revived and its radiance and softness will quickly return. Carrot has anti-inflammatory properties and gives more strength to your skin. To prepare this mask, you need one carrot, one tablespoon of almond oil and, if desired, 5 drops of jasmine oil. First, peel the carrot and extract its juice. Then add oil to it and mix. Lie down and apply this mixture to your skin. Let this mask stay on your face for 15 minutes. Then wash your face with water. Carrot mask will give you soft and wonderful skin.

Potato mask

Puffiness under the eyes is one of the cold weather skin problems that make you look tired and sick. The traditional treatment for this problem is using potatoes. This plant has anti-congestion properties that help to remove the puffiness under your eyes. Cut slices of potato and soak them in water. Lie on your back and place these sheets on your eyes for 15 minutes. Try to cut these sheets as thin as you can. Using this mask, the puffiness around your eyes will disappear and you will have normal skin in this area again. But you should know that the results of this mask do not appear quickly and it takes some time. Try to use this mask once a week.

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August 30, 1394 15:57

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