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How To Make A Healthier Easter Basket

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Easter is right around the corner and this can mean loads of sugar, candy and lots of chocolate. I have some good news and that is that there is a way to still indulge but not over do it. Many of these ideas are great for the kids too so they are not on a sugar overload. The best part is, that I promise chocolate is still in the mix too! Enjoy these 5 ideas to have a healthier yet still very delicious Easter.

How To Make A Healthier Easter Basket

Fruit or Dried Fruit

Swipe out the jelly beans with mother nature’s candy. Fruit is a great choice for an Easter basket or any basket for that matter. This is an excellent way to sneak in some fiber and nutrients especially on a day like Easter. Pick what is in season and choose organic for the ultimate taste and nutrition. Dried fruit (1/4 cup worth) is also a great idea. Great examples are dried apricots, dried cherries, dates, mangoes, prunes and figs. Coconut flakes (great source of healthy fat) are great too and many kids enjoy them as well.


Crunch time. This is a very easy option but note, this is really only healthy if you watch the portions. I recommend putting a handful of nuts in your hand and eating from there so you can monitor the amount rather than from the bowl. It is so easy to get carried away with nuts. Another tip is to look out for individually packaged nuts usually coming in a ¼ cup size. My favorite choices are raw almonds, sunflower seeds, cashews, walnuts (packed with heart-healthy omega-3 fats), pistachios, pumpkin seeds, or Brazil nuts which are loaded with selenium and vitamin E.  Keep in mind about peanut allergies as well. This is also a great snack to eat before a brunch or party so you do not overeat.

Instead of Candy Bars Use Wholesome Snack Bars

One of the best parts to an Easter basket or hunt is the chocolate candy bars, am I right? Well, instead of loading up the kids with even more sugar, I have a solution. Just buy healthy and wholesome snack bars to pack instead of candy bars. Look for bars made with whole nuts, fruits and grains like KIND bars with flavours like dark chocolate cinnamon pecan with only 5g of sugar. This is a great option for the Easter egg hunt too. Keep it simple, easy and the kids will be just as excited.   

Make A Healthier Homemade Treat

Easter really doesn’t feel the same without a chocolate peanut butter easter egg. So instead of depriving yourself of one, you can absolutely make your own version that will be with far less sugar and much lower in fat. Just look online or you can also try these healthier Chocolate Chip Crispy Rice Squares or Raw Cashew and Date Balls that taste just as delicious but are only made with natural ingredients. Yum!

Think Outside The Treats

Most of us think we can only send out the “sweets” on a day like Easter to make someone feel special. Instead, think about a book, essential oils, candles, journals, games, or pretty stationery. These are all only just some great ideas you can put in a Easter Basket instead of treats. For the kids, think about fun games, sidewalk chalk, stickers or a jump rope. Make sure to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. A nice walk or time at your local park is also a perfect idea.

Wishing you a healthy and festive Easter! Enjoy your healthier Easter Basket too.

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