How to make a homemade conditioner for our hair?

Hair It is one of the most important parts in beauty. For those who have dry hair or want to have soft and shiny hair, how to make a homemade conditioner with Yolk We have prepared. In this article, we want to teach you how to prepare hair conditioner with egg yolk. Join us.

The best hair conditioner

Homemade hair conditioner, a natural ingredient that keeps your hair shiny and healthy while staying healthy. Below you can read how to make egg yolk softener. Try to make conditioner for your hair from natural ingredients in your kitchen. This only takes a little time and can save you a considerable amount of money on hair conditioner.

Natural ingredients keep your hair shiny and clean and healthy while maintaining its health. Below you can read how to make egg yolk softener.

Recipe for hair conditioner with eggs

Start by separating an egg yolk in a mixing bowl. Egg yolks Stir quickly with a fork or mixer until completely broken and open.

A tablespoon olive oil add. Stir again with a fork or mixer to mix well with the yolk. You can also substitute baby oil for olive oil to make your conditioner smell better.

Mix the liquid with a cup of lukewarm water. Adding water will dilute the liquid and make it easier for your hair to get stuck.

Wet your hair thoroughly. It is very good to apply conditioner to clean hair, so before using conditioner, first wash your hair with a mild shampoo, rinse and rinse off excess water.

Pour half of the egg softener you made over your head, try not to rub it on your face. Although the egg yolk for Skin The face is also useful, but the oil may not be pleasant. Now use your hands and apply the other half of the conditioner to the bottom of your hair.

Use your fingers and make sure the conditioner covers all your hair. Then give it 5 minutes.

Now rinse your hair with lukewarm or cool water. It is very important not to use hot water, because it is possible Egg yolks Cook on your head and find the need to wash again! In addition, cool water will help your hair shine.

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