How to make an anti-aging cucumber mask

Mask cucumber nutritious and Humidifier Excellent for old age is the skin Due to the Ingredient astringent and soothing it, For acne prone skin And Sun burned It is very useful.cucumber contain silica A rare mineral is that Rejuvenating properties has the skin And connective tissue strengthen that this texture Maintains skin elasticity and with wrinkle fights

state of It has an astringentIt keeps enough water in the skin.. Furthermore, A good source of Vitamin c and antioxidant Others are that To Clarity, brilliance And younger to do The skin helps. To Decrease Black pits below Eyeis also very excellent.The constituents of this Mask included cucumber And Aloeveralemon juice and Water Is. aloe Vera one element basic To delay aging Skin which creates new cells. also, painkiller And Humidifier good for Acne treatment and sunburn Is. Damage caused by Sun One of the important reasons old age is the skin

Lemon juice and Water because it has They are antioxidants Skin as Unbelievable they tighten. Plus, Erase the stains , They even eliminate or minimize aging spots and thus rejuvenates the skin. the smell amazing Water rose also Calming effect has and as a result It reduces stress. As we know, stress is one of the influencing factors in skin diseases.
How to make a cucumber mask:
Materials that You need:

Half a cucumber
Aloe vera gel
Water rose
Spoon measurements

1. Skin half of Take a cucumber


2-Crush it

cucumber-mask-step23- Put in a blender

cucumber-mask-step34- 2 tablespoons gel Aloevera Pour it fresh

cucumber-mask-step45- 1/2 tea spoon Lemon juice Pour it fresh

cucumber-mask-step56 -1/2tea spoon Water Pour roses

cucumber-mask-step67-To A few minutes Turn on the blender

cucumber-mask-step7The rejuvenating mask is ready

How to use this mask?

face and neck yourselfWash and dry, put this beautiful mask on your face and neck, leave it for about 20 minutes, then wash it with cold water. Do this twice a week.

Note: This face mask Not suitable for very sensitive skin

Notes Important:

Instead of using Mixer,You can use a fork to crush cucumber pieces use.
Use of leaves Aloevera Freshly extract the gel
add A teaspoon of honey organic the door This recipe moisturizes the skin
also Eat cucumber Make the skin healthy Young And it is refreshing
researchers Korean have shown that Consumption Aloe vera gel Internal also can be reduced Wrinkles and help. you can 1/4 tea spoon From gel per day A few months consumeDo not take more than the given amount because it has laxative properties

This article was translated by the team of translators of Dr. Salam medical magazine and its use is only allowed by mentioning the source

October 16, 2013 12:06 p.m

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