How to make different beautiful hair styles for the celebration

Wanting to do your own hair for an important party or wedding reception can be overwhelming. Therefore, in this section, there are some hairstyles that can be made very quickly and easily

Kurdish, we teach. For each of these models, you need to curl your hair using a curling iron – normally. Wrap the ends of your hair all the way up around the rod and hold it. Finally, use hair spray to keep the hair steady.


1- Ponytail model with a twist


2- Curl your hair and apply hair spray.

Gather the hair in a ponytail on one side of your head and tie it with a hair band.


3- From the top of the band, divide the hair into two parts.


4-Put the bottom part of the hair into the created hole from below.


5- Pull the part of the ponytail until it is tight.


6- Pull out a bunch from the twisted part so that it looks full and loose.


7- Take a section from the back of the ponytail and wrap it around the hair band. Then fasten it with a hair clip. Now you are ready to go!
This is a new version of the old ponytail that can be made for a wedding and stay on the head all night. Hair spray also helps and does not harm.

8- Double weave crown wig model

Curl your hair and apply hairspray.


9-Take a 2-3 cm bunch from under each of your ears and weave them all the way down.


10- Pull the first braided strand from behind your ear and take it to the other side of your head and fasten it with a hair clip. Put the clips on the woven part so that they are not visible.


11- Do the same with the other side of your hair. Secure the braided strands with more clips.


12- Put your hair on the braided parts so that the ends are not visible. Use hairspray to set the hair.


13- Instead of this model, you can gather your hair to one side so that it looks like a ponytail from the side.
This style is so easy, but it’s really cute and fun, and it stays put all night. However, if your hair is very soft, use a sufficient amount of hairspray.

Upward twisting model with flower crown

14- Curl your hair and apply hair spray.


15- Gather the hair from the back and start twisting them upwards.


16. Continue twisting until you reach the bottom of your neck.


17- Use some hair clips to fasten the wrapped parts to the back of your head. If you put the clips behind these parts, they will not be visible.


18- Use hair spray to keep your hair steady.


19- Use a string or flower crown, place it on top of the wrapped part of your hair and fasten it with some hair clips.
You can make this model for the bride, bridesmaid or even to participate in a beautiful event.

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