How to make gray hair look beautiful

Learn how to turn gray hair in a beautiful way with our expert methods and the use of accessories that are used to make up, shine and soften hair.

Everyone knows someone who has stunning silver hair besides Diane Keaton, Emmylou Harris and other stars who have silver hair. These famous women are attractive (71 percent of respondents to our survey say women with gray hair can be attractive, compared to 78 percent of men). But according to a new study in the journal Aging and Society, while many of us admire the gray hairs of others, we are often reluctant to try the look ourselves. Many experts wonder why. Rita Hazen, owner of the eponymous beauty salon in New York, says there are many things women can do to keep their bodies and faces looking young. Don’t think that gray hair necessarily makes you look older.

Diana Louise Joel, founder Going Gray, Looking Great He says: This look can be suitable for anyone. Women often tell me that they think gray hair doesn’t match their eye or skin color. But the truth is, for every one of those preconceived notions, there’s a counterexample of someone who looks great with gray hair.

Below are some educational and creative tips to help you decide whether or not to go gray!

Why does hair change?

“The process of graying hair, which occurs when follicles stop producing melanin, is determined by DNA, not DNA,” says David Bank, director of the Dermatology, Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center in Monte Kisco. diet and other factors. Although research on mice shows that exercise may prevent the loss of hair pigment and Stress It may speed up this process, but these findings have not been replicated in humans. So although it seems that every boss’s hair turns gray after a few months in the office, there is still no evidence that stress is the cause. Even apparently, the speed at which certain parts of the hair turn gray (temples for some and the crown for others) and the exact amount of graying (white, charcoal, etc.) are genetically predetermined.

Your head has approximately 100,000 hair follicles, each one working independently, explains Bank. If the melanin of one of them runs out, even if you cut that gray hair, it will not affect the follicles around it. life style You also probably have no effect on its color.

How to make up gray hair

Are you ready to deal with your gray hair? So follow these tips:

Go gray all over: If you dye your hair, going gray can be difficult. Get help from a professional to make this easier. He may suggest that once the gray roots have grown out, dye them with semi-permanent, which is an ammonia-free dye that covers up to 70 percent of gray hair. When you’re ready to show off your gray hair, just wait until the color washes off (this color lasts up to 28 shampoos).

Make your silver hair shine: Gray hair is usually drier than pigmented hair, so it tends to get frizzy and can easily look dull and lifeless if you don’t take good care of it. For soft and beautiful hair with permanent shine, try the following:

Blue color shampoo: Use blue tinted conditioners and shampoos only once or twice a month to prevent purple tones in your hair.

Keep your hair neat: Hairstylist Yvette Gonzalez suggests choosing a modern hairstyle with clean edges. Ask your stylist not to use a razor because it can make the ends of the hair thin and make your whole hairstyle look messy. Whatever short model you choose, be sure to trim the tip a little every 6 to 8 weeks. If the tips of gray hair are not cut enough and soon, it will look messy.

Protect your precious hair: Environmental pollutants and UV rays can dull any hair color, including gray hair with almost no pigment. Therefore, at least every other day (to prevent chemical build-up on hair), wash them with a moisturizing and softening shampoo containing antioxidants that help protect against UV rays and environmental damage.

Silver paint: Gray hair can turn yellow even with the right products, so condition your hair once or twice a month with a silver-toned shampoo.

Lighten your hair: Avoid heavy creams, waxes and greasy serums. They can cover up gray hair and make hair look dirty, says Cathy Galotti, who does hair color work at Rossana Ferretti salon. To prevent frizz, use an alcohol-free shine spray because alcohol dries out hair.

Makeup color suitable for gray hair

Give your hair more effect with the right clothes and make-up and see compliments from others. “When you see a really attractive woman with gray hair, she’s often wearing charcoal and silver, which makes her gray hair stand out even more,” Galotti says.

You don’t have to limit your wardrobe to that color family, but black, white, shades of gray and jewel colors (red ruby, ruby ​​blue and dark purple) are the best options for you. Do not use earthy colors such as beige and olive, which can reduce the attractiveness of your hair. If you plan to make your hair gray, you should think about your face makeup because gray hair usually makes your face look dull and tired. The best place to start is your skin tone. Look for colors like apricot, peach and rose, rather than beige and brown, suggests Gonzalez. They darken your skin tone along with gray hair. Most importantly: clean your eyebrows. Trim the uneven and redundant hairs (grey hairs that are coarse and rough) and shape the arch of your eyebrow with a gray-brown pencil so that it is completely defined.

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