How to make up so that it is not visible

The more simple the make-up is, the more beautiful the face will be. Some women like to wear make-up and make it look natural and not show that they are wearing make-up.

Among cosmetics, eye shadows have the most variety of colors; Alluring and beautiful colors that encourage everyone to buy even if they don’t know that this color is in harmony with their skin, but it’s better to hold back; Not every color can make you beautiful; We recommend that instead of going for large shades with countless colors and confusing yourself more, choose from four shades in which harmonious colors are collected together in one palette, as a result, the work will be much easier. Here we have brought you the method of working with these shadows so that you can implement the most professional makeup on your eyes.

Make up naturally

There is another way to use quad shadows; A method in which the eye makeup is so gentle that no one will notice it, but instead the eye shape becomes more beautiful.

– Spread the lightest color of the shade on the eyelid, i.e. paint it from under the eyebrow to the eyelash line with a suitable brush.

Get to know the way and method of makeup with four shades

– Now paint with the second light color (soft color) from the eyelash line to under the eyebrow bone (i.e. the eye socket line). Don’t forget to spread the corners and borders of the work a little so that it doesn’t look like two colors.

– Now, using a small shadow brush, apply the second dark color on the lower half of the eyelid, that is, start from the lash line and continue until half of the eyelid; Don’t forget to match the colors.

– Now paint the shadow on the eyelash line with the darkest color; It means to draw eyeliner with a dark color.

Get to know the color wheel

You have probably seen that some makeup artists use several different colors for eye makeup and combine these colors in such a way that the eyes look completely different. This is not very difficult; If you are familiar with the color wheel.
The basic principles of the color wheel can be summarized in two general points:

– Colors that are placed in two opposite directions have the greatest contrast; When these contrasting colors are placed together, they will be most effective in the eye of the beholder and attract attention.

– The colors that are close to each other in this cycle create the best color combination and the viewer sees a soothing and balanced image; As a result, decorating the face with such colors can show the precision and skill of the makeup artist.

eye shadow

How to use multiple colors

The separate use of only one shadow color cannot give much effect to the eyes and is more suitable for a very simple daily makeup; Therefore, for parties and weddings, go for the use of several colors so that you can multiply the beauty of the eyes.

Here, we have chosen for you a kind of almost common quad shade, which has very soft colors and can be suitable for any skin tone; In addition to these, there are colors that do not attract much attention to the eye, and as a result, the face will not look artificial or heavily made up. Of course, it is not necessary for you to use the same colors, but it is enough to learn the basics so that you can do the most beautiful work on the eyes according to the four shades you have.

The law of four shadows

If you want to have a balanced and beautiful makeup on your eyes, we recommend you to go for four shades. These shades are composed of four different colors, which usually have special rules for choosing and combining these four colors:

– A very calm and pale color that can be used as a shadow base to cover the entire eyelid or to lighten the area under the eyebrow and the inner part of the eye.

– A soft color that can be used to better show the state of the eyes and use it on the eyelid.

– A contrasting color that doesn’t seem to go well with the other colors of the shadow palette (of course, some shades don’t have this contrasting color and the only way to create volume with these shades is to use the lightest and boldest color together).

– a dark color that can be used as an eyeliner for the side of the eyelashes to add more depth to the makeup; Of course, for smoky makeup that makes the eyes completely dark, they cover the eyelid with this color.

Get to know the way and method of makeup with four shades

Become a professional step by step

For professional and beautiful shading, you must consider three important features; One is that the shade should show the eye state better, secondly, it should cover some defects and thirdly, the harmony of the colors should be observed.

– You should cover the entire upper eyelid with the lightest color of the palette. We recommend using a brush to easily spread the color on the skin.

– Now, with a smaller shadow brush, choose the second dark color in the shadow and paint the outer half of the eyelid. Remember that the final direction of the shadow is downward. Shading in this area should be done with short and very gentle stroke movements to be able to push the color towards the half of the eyelid. Be careful to completely erase the border areas, i.e. spread the work around slowly so that there is no overlap in one part of the work.

– You have to be very careful to do this step, because it is the most technical part of the work and it takes time. With a very fine eyeshadow brush, apply the darkest shade of the palette in a gentle inverted 7 shape on the outer half of the lid. Remember that you should not completely cover the second step.

– Now it’s the turn of a soft color that you haven’t used yet; We use this makeup to better show the state of the eyes. Just use a small shade brush to apply the soft color (the second light color) under the brow bone and where the eye socket ends. Here, one of your other goals is to make the colors uniform so that the border between them is not visible at first glance.

How to hold an eyeshadow brush

Shadows that are dark in color make the eyes look smaller and shadows that are light make the eyes look bigger. When shading, it should be noted that usually three colors that match each other are used. Remember that there must be enough light when applying makeup. To shade, hold the brush firmly with one hand and draw the eye a little with the other hand. Tilt the head back to match the color on the eyelid.

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