How to make wheat germ vitamin cream?

It may be that in the past, the formula for preparing and preparing different types of creams was a secret among people who were skilled in preparing different types of creams, but this time and in this section, we are trying to introduce a beautiful cream that contains vitamin A and also vitamin E. You don’t need a lot of capital to make it and it can be used for all parts of the skin.

Health benefits

  • Suitable for normal skin and dry skin
  • Refreshing and clarifying facial skin
  • Moisturizing and anti-aging hand and face skin
  • Rich in fatty acids useful for the skin
  • Anti-wrinkle

Due to the special formulation of this cream, it fully nourishes the skin cells and removes surface wrinkles with continued use of the cream.


  • Wheat germ oil 120 cc
  • Sheet wax (beeswax) 20 grams
  • Lanolin 10 grams
  • Benzoin tincture 5 grams
  • One tablespoon of glycerin
  • One tablespoon of rose water
  • Vitamin A and E capsules, 5 capsules each

Method of Use

First, pour lanolin and sheet wax into a Pyrex container and put it on indirect heat (steam), after it melts, add wheat germ oil and mix it together, remove the container from the heat, then crush the capsules with a pointed object. Open the jar and add their contents along with glycerin, rose water and benzoin tincture and stir gently. After it is completely mixed, pour it into the container that you have specified in advance. After it cools down, the cream is ready. Use this cream at work, at home and while resting. It is even recommended to massage the face with the cream at night and relax.


May 29, 2013 13:43

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