How to prepare for periodic breast examinations? The first part

Evidence shows that early diagnosis of breast cancer not only leads to easier treatment, but with early diagnosis, the patient’s survival will be much better. After puberty, women are advised to examine their breasts monthly and in addition to touching them and observation, if there is a difference in the condition of the breasts, refer to a specialist doctor. In addition, in case of breast cancer in close relatives, yearly sonography of breasts is recommended. Even after 40 years of age, mammography helps in early diagnosis and easier treatment and longer survival of women.

Reminding of the need to go for examinations through mass media and providing free or low-cost screenings by the health system are two effective ways to reduce future treatment costs on the health system.

One of the problems that many women face is forcing themselves to do these examinations (both monthly examinations by themselves and annual examinations by the doctor). Most of these people bear a lot of stress to perform the examination procedures and refuse to do it with various defense mechanisms. Many women forget the date of examinations. Some consider it wasteful to spend money to maintain health. The rest make excuses for the route and crowded offices. Whatever the reason, the late diagnosis of the mass in the breasts reduces the probability of survival and increases the costs and difficulty of the treatment. If you are also neglecting your examinations, the following suggestions may help you in carrying out this program.

1. Get to know the treatment center you want: Determine the treatment center or doctor you want in advance and get complete information about how to make an appointment, the costs and the time you have to spend at the center. If you visit a fixed center every year, whenever you remember the desired center, review a pleasant memory in your mind to reduce the stress caused by thinking about future visits.

2. Choose a doctor who takes time to talk to you: One of the reasons why many women do not take time for their health examinations is that they do not get answers to their questions after visiting a specialist doctor, and the feeling that their health is not important is intensified. For this reason, be sure to choose a doctor who cares about your physical condition and takes time to answer your questions. The type of treatment and personality of the doctor is very important in making you commit to future referrals.

3. Make an appointment with someone whose health is important to you: We all have female relatives or friends whose health we care about and love. Because usually the health of our mother, sister, child or close friend is more important to us than our own health, let’s make an appointment with this person to go for an examination.

4. Make a note: Make a note of your annual check-up schedule on the calendar at the beginning of each year. Writing a note and sticking it inside the closet, on the refrigerator or on the mirror (where we see it every day) can help you not to forget this date and reduce the stress of going for checkups.

5. Let’s save: research shows that low economic status, lack of insurance, less education and being in the minority are among the reasons for not going for medical examinations. Spending money on health is one of the indicators of self-respect. Just as you save for clothes or food, save a budget for the health of your family, and in the meantime, you are one of the most important people you should spend money on. remember A healthy and happy family must have a healthy and happy mother.

6. Be positive and optimistic: One of the reasons why people do not go for health check-ups is the fear of being aware of a hidden disease. In women, this is one of the reasons for not going for an examination. Try to cultivate the belief that going for a check-up is a way of respecting yourself and it does not necessarily mean bad news. In any case, if you are a patient, early diagnosis will lead to easier treatment. So think positively about the treatment.


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