How to satisfy marriage

In this section, by reading marital satisfaction, you can increase the stability and durability of the family. Sexual satisfaction plays the most important role in married life, and those who have problems in this field may end up getting divorced.

Ladies, be glad you live in this day and age, because looking back, about 100 or 50 years ago, not only did they not care about the issue of female sexual satisfaction, but researchers and scientists clearly had a definitive theory on it. did not have! And in their view, only men played a vital role in reproduction!

Of course, despite the importance of women’s sexual satisfaction in the current century, in the case of some women, the time and how to satisfy them is not clear and needs further investigation. According to the latest statistics, about 20% of women are not satisfied at all, you might think that fortunately 80% of them reach the degree of sexual satisfaction, but unfortunately, in the meantime, a large part of them, with self-satisfaction to this degree Not real sex! In this article, the main topic is to help women achieve natural satisfaction during sex.

What is sexual satisfaction? The satisfaction of men is completely visible on the surface due to ejaculation, of course, this condition rarely exists in some women as well, but the truth is that satisfaction in most women is not recognizable and is not visible to the eye. Satisfaction in women starts with the moistening of the cervix and other parts of their genitals and then continues. Their cervix opens up to 30%, the muscles and muscles of the uterine wall, cervix and the opening itself alternately contract and expand.

Studies have shown that the time to reach the peak of pleasure in women is different, some take a long time to be satisfied, while others are satisfied very soon but several times during a sexual relationship. (While a man usually reaches the point of ejaculation within only a few minutes or so)

One of the main obstacles to reaching the peak of pleasure in women is the direct control of sex by the man, in most cases, the way of performing the stages of sex and penetration is based on what the man enjoys and is under his authority. Of course, the woman also enjoys sex in the meantime, but this is not a sign of reaching the degree of complete satisfaction. A man can stop having sex as soon as he ejaculates, and it is the woman who needs more time.

The first main solution for women to reach the peak of pleasure and satisfaction is to ask the man to slow down the stages of sex. In the meantime, the woman herself can make the routine more peaceful for her own benefit with her intervention. You can take control of the situation yourself. It is interesting to know that most men like this mode more and it will be more attractive for them.

As we have mentioned in the previous articles (words you can use during sex), the woman herself can ask her husband for the way and position she likes and enjoys the most. Tell him precisely that if he ends the sexual relationship quickly and very soon and only reaches the point of ejaculation, you will not get pleasure. Of course, it should be noted that despite the lack of knowledge of most men about how and when to satisfy women, they themselves really want the woman to be satisfied and get the maximum pleasure from this relationship, just like herself. If your partner’s sex method is fast, rough and painful, ask him with loving and loving words to slow down so that you are satisfied.

You can also accompany your wife in this way, by stimulating the genitals during penetration, reduce the time to reach satisfaction, do not expect your wife to do this for you during penetration, because she is focused has left in his satisfaction.

According to statistics, in 20 to 30 percent of men, due to lack of control and as a result of premature ejaculation, they are forced to leave you in the same state while reaching the peak of satisfaction, which is a destructive factor in marital relationships, and of course, men themselves They are also unhappy and sad about this situation.

Physical and mental disorders are one of the causes of premature ejaculation in men. Men who have little experience in sexual relations, suffer from this condition due to excessive emotions and lust. Stress, worry, depression, etc., can also be important factors in marital dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Women should know that if during sex, even though you have asked your partner to proceed more slowly, they face premature ejaculation and as a result of their lack of satisfaction, don’t get nervous and don’t condemn him, it is better to look for the psychological factor or Be physical in him, because believe me, there is nothing worse for a man than not being able to satisfy his lover and partner.

Instead of complaining and condemning, talk about your strong and dreamy relationship with loving and comforting words before the time of sexual intercourse and calm her mind and spirit, talk and discuss about the main problem (premature ejaculation). When your man’s premature ejaculation has a mental origin, stress, etc., it worsens the situation.

On the other hand, many men, with a special technique, can bring their partner to the peak of sexual pleasure and satisfaction, so that during penetration, they stop for 20 to 30 seconds, take a deep breath and start again. they do, maybe this action is a little unpleasant for the man, but it is a noteworthy help in controlling premature ejaculation in them. With this work, you also have the opportunity to reach yourself and achieve satisfaction and reach the peak of your pleasure during the stages.

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