How to take care of the skin in autumn?

You certainly know that skin care is different in different seasons of the year. With the beginning of the autumn season, one of the most common problems that people face is dry skin, and with the cold weather, this problem and its complications will get worse, but it is very good to know how to protect your skin from the cold. Protect and moisturize the skin, have a happy and healthy skin.

Autumn skin care

Wash your hands less often

One of the most common problems that patients face in autumn and with the coming of cold is excessive dryness of the skin, which eventually leads to skin eczema. With the occurrence of cold and the use of heating devices, the moisture of the skin decreases and eventually leads to dryness, itching and cracking of the skin.

This issue is especially common in people who have allergies, that is, if a person has a background of respiratory asthma or allergic denitis, in this case, he will be more prone to skin eczema in the cold season.

Such people experience redness of the skin along with itching in some parts of the body during the cold season, and these symptoms will worsen with the use of a series of irritants. Following the skin problems and eczemas that arise in the cold season for a group of people, a group of habits and behaviors aggravate this situation.

One of the simplest solutions that can be used to solve dry skin in the cold season is to choose the type of detergent. For example, some people wash their hands too much because of their job.

For example, nurses who take care of patients and their hands must be washed regularly, or those who are pastry chefs or bakers, as well as surgeons who, due to their job, are constantly washing their hands with detergents, are more prone to dry skin than others.

Winter soap, summer soap

One of the simplest solutions that can be used to solve dry skin in the cold season is to choose the type of detergent. We recommend that you use mild soaps in this season, such as cream or glycerin soaps, so that your skin does not dry out, so the soap you choose for cold weather should be milder than other seasons.

Non-soap detergents are also a very good option for washing the face, because these detergents have a more balanced cleansing effect than regular detergents and maintain the moisture of the skin and prevent it from drying out. The best thing you can do after washing your skin is to apply a good moisturizer.

When to use moisturizer

It is better to apply a suitable moisturizer on your skin after washing your skin and while the skin is still moist, following the use of water and detergent. There are many moisturizers on the market; It is better for those with allergies to use the mildest moisturizer.

We can say that Vaseline is the best lubricant and moisturizer, because this substance removes dryness well and prevents the evaporation of moisture absorbed by the skin after washing. In addition, it is colorless and odorless, and with these characteristics, the possibility of allergies is reduced. People to Vaseline is almost zero. We recommend people with atopic allergies or eczema to use this great oil after washing.

In the next degree, people can use Oserin as a very good moisturizer; The degree of oiliness of the skin after using Oserin is less than Vaseline. As we said, there are many moisturizers in the market, but in general, these materials are divided into two categories: creams and ointments;

Ointments have more fat than water, and in the group of creams, their water is more significant and provides more moisture and is used less as a lubricant, that’s why most consumers prefer creams, because the skin feels greasy and shiny after using it. It is much less. But you should consider that creams also have disadvantages.

Sun protection even in the cold season

This is a common mistake that many people think, because there is no direct sunlight in autumn and winter, there will be no ultraviolet rays either. If such thinking makes the most common seasons that people have problems with, fall and winter.

You should know that winter sun is just as harmful to your skin as summer sun. In this season, we see that many people do not use sunscreen, because they think that there is no more direct sunlight, because of this, they suffer from various skin injuries caused by the sun.

Do not neglect your nails

Sometimes we see that the skin around the nail cracks or becomes a beard, we must say that the main cause of this problem is dry skin. Those who regularly wash their hands, the skin around their nails loses its moisture after getting too wet and drying again, causing problems for the person.

Of course, some nutritional deficiencies such as lack of iron, calcium or B group vitamins can also be the cause, which we sometimes see can be solved by taking multivitamins for hair and nails, which are available in the market.

Of course, the use of such supplements should be done under the supervision of a doctor. The consumption of group D vitamins is also very effective in improving this condition. Therefore, if people’s nutrition includes vitamins, especially group C, protein and carbohydrates, there is a sufficient guarantee for the health of the skin, hair and nails. Therefore, consuming such nutrients can strengthen your skin in any season.

Use baby shampoo

You should know that dry hair can also occur like dry skin, and this issue leads to excessive fragility and the occurrence of frizz.

To prevent this discomfort, we advise women to use mild shampoos such as baby shampoo or shampoos for dyed and dry hair, and finally, emollients and lubricants such as olive oil, coconut oil, and castor oil, all of which can prevent excessive hair drying. They should use it to get the proper moisture back to their hair.

You should know that additives added to creams can cause skin or contact eczema and can be troublesome for people who regularly use them to moisturize the skin. To feel better, they actually do a type of aromatherapy with this method and attract the consumer to use the cream more.

This is one of the most important and common factors that cause skin allergies.

Those who suffer from dry skin in this season, it is better to minimize the amount of washing, so these people should be careful and reduce the number of times when it comes to washing their hands, face or showering and bathing in cold weather. .

In the meantime, we can point to the elderly who, due to their age, have drier skin than when they were young, and this dryness will increase in the cold season, and if they want to continue bathing as before, they may experience excessive dryness, itching and Followed by skin eczema, so we advise these people, as well as those with sensitive skin, not to go to the bathroom more than once or twice a week.

People who have dry and sensitive skin should not use fiber and bags in any way, because they cause excessive irritation of the skin and due to the sensitivity of the skin, harmful damages are caused to it.

In addition, as we mentioned, these people should use glycerin or cream soaps or non-soap detergents so that the dryness of your skin does not intensify and the moisture absorbed by the skin in the bath does not disappear.

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