How to treat HPV naturally? Sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise

How HPV virus To treat naturally?

In the United States and now all over the world, no Sexually transmitted diseases Compared to (STD) Human papillomavirusHPV There is nothing that can lead to genital warts. Many people wonder how they can naturally HPV virus To treat. No wonder how many people are infected with the HPV virus.

A recent study found that approximately 50 percent of American adults between the ages of 18 and 59 have Genital HPV are. The study also found that during 2013-2014, the prevalence of any form of genital HPV among adults aged 18 to 59 was 42.5%, ie 45.2% in men and 39.9% in women.

Prevalence of high-risk HPV – which can lead to cancer – is 22.7% among adults aged 18 to 59, 25.1% among men and 20.4% among women.

Another recent study found that nearly 12 percent of men (1 in 9 men) in the United States are infected with Oral HPV virus are. The researchers found that the prevalence of oral HPV was higher among men aged 50 to 54 years. They found men who had at least two Sexual partner Have had in their lifetime; Up to 22% more likely to be infected. That’s 3 percent of women in the United States.

About 79 million people In the United States with HPV virus are. That’s why it’s more important than ever to know how HPV را treatment do. So let’s see what exactly is HPV? Examine common symptoms, causes, and risk factors, and finally read about treatment.

What is HPV? Common symptoms

HPV is a group of Virus Very common and Very infectious That is possible during sexual activity through contact Skin to skin To be shared. There are more than 100 types of HPV, according to the World Health Organization; Thirteen of them are high risk, meaning they have been identified as causing cancer.

Many species HPV There are some that are benign and do not cause many problems, but HPV is also associated with cancers of the anus, vagina and penis.

Out of 100 types, there are two types (16 and 18) that lead to 70% Cervical Cancer And becomes cervical lesions. Types 6 and 11 of this virus do not cause cancer but can cause it Genital Warts And respiratory papillomatosis, which causes the tumor to grow in the respiratory tract.

Most people do not know they have HPV Symptoms of HPV It often turns on on its own. Depending on the type of HPV virus, symptoms of human papillomavirus infection may include:

Genital Warts : It is usually white and grows in the form of cauliflower. Genital warts may cause discomfort or pain, but are usually not itchy. Genital warts in women often appear on the infection but may also be found inside the vagina, in the uterus or around the anus. In men, genital warts are commonly found on the penis or testicular skin or around the anus.

Common warts: Mild bumps commonly found on the hands, fingers or elbows.

Plantar warts: Hard, granular and fleshy warts that appear on the soles of the feet. These warts can cause pain while standing. Because HPV is highly contagious, it spreads quickly; It can even be transmitted from person to person through a towel. Be sure to wear shoes or sandals when walking around public places, such as public pools or gyms.

Smooth warts: Depending on the type of HPV, flat warts may appear on the face and legs in women and in the beard area in men.

Oral warts: These lesions may form in the mouth.

HPV-16 Is a dangerous subset that can lead to cancer of the mouth and throat. Symptoms of HPV oral cancer include:

Sudden symptoms of the disease:

  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Bloody cough
  • A lump in the neck or cheeks
  • Persistent wheezing and hoarseness

Other signs and symptoms that may indicate oral cancer:

  • Sore throat
  • Jaw pain or swelling
  • Tongue numbness
  • Persistent earache
  • Unknown weight loss
  • Lymph node enlargement

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Risk factors for HPV and its causes

Almost anyone who is sexually active, in some cases HPV virus Will be infected. How do you get HPV? Usually by effect Genital sex Or Anal Done; But it can also be spread through oral sex.

Because HPV is spread through skin-to-skin contact, you do not need to have sex to get it. In fact, sometimes an infected mother can infect her baby during childbirth. Most people who Sexually Are active, are at risk for HPV, but the risk of the disease can be used condom Or avoid sex altogether.

How to treat HPV? Conventional treatment

Can you treat HPV? Most genital warts go away on their own, but there is no cure for HPV infection. However you may want to know how HPV (Note that the symptoms are curable but no cure has yet been found for the virus itself)

HPV treatment May include Antiviral drugs، Topical medications Or Surgery Be minor. You should see your doctor to determine if you have HPV.

If you are pregnant or feel you may be pregnant, talk to your doctor before starting any treatment. Also, one of the best ways to prevent getting the HPV virus is to use a condom during sex.

Although there is no cure for HPV, you can with HPV vaccine Avoid getting it. There are three vaccines for HPV: Gardasil, Cervarix and Gardasil-9 (nine). Both men and women can be vaccinated. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that all boys between the ages of 11 and 12 be vaccinated, and that men be vaccinated by the age of 21 and women by the age of 26, if they have not been vaccinated before.

Of course, there are also concerns about vaccines. It is important to note that side effects may occur, especially with Gardasil-9. Side effects may include: Pain, swelling, redness, itching, bruising, bleeding, mass at the site of infection, headache, fever, dizziness, fatigue, diarrhea, abdominal pain and sore throat.

If you decide to get vaccinated, be sure to talk to your doctor about concerns and risk factors. Also, if you do not get vaccinated, you may be wondering how to treat it! Continue with medicine magazine Hello Dr., join us in treating HPV beyond its vaccine.

How to treat HPV naturally?

1. Regime

One diet Wart remover full of Antiviral food eat. Help prevent warts or eliminate them by eating immune-boosting foods:

  • Foods rich in Vitamin C Such as citrus fruits, bell peppers and strawberries.
  • Probiotic foods such as fermented vegetables such as kimchi or sauerkraut.
  • Green leafy vegetables, which Vitamin A And provide important minerals.
  • Selenium-rich foods such as Brazil nuts and mushrooms.
  • Raw cheeses made from goat’s milk, sheep’s milk and cow’s milk.
  • Kambucha, a fermented tea rich in B vitamins and probiotics.
  • Coconut kefir or goat milk kefir; It has a lot of probiotics. (Goat’s milk version contains more amounts)

2. Antiviral plants

Use antiviral herbs to boost your immune system and control viruses, as well as support your cardiovascular system, ease digestion and anti-inflammatory. You can brew antiviral herbs as a tea or use vegetable oil. The top 10 antiviral plants are:

  • آقطی
  • محروط‌سانان
  • Calendula
  • Garlic
  • Astagalus root
  • Cat’s-paw
  • Ginger
  • Licorice root
  • Olive leaves
  • Marjoram or its oil

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3. Essential oils

Not only can you use essential oils made from the antiviral herbs listed above, but you can also use other oils as well. Tea tree oil Also use. Tea tree oil is known for its antimicrobial properties and can be used as a topical ointment when combined with the same oil. coconut oil Be useful.

4. Home anti-wart

Can you get rid of genital warts? You can use the tea tree oil mentioned above to remove genital and anal warts. But do not use oregano or marjoram oil; Because it causes irritation and irritation Sensitive Skin Becomes.

3 ways to prevent HPV

Since there is no cure for HPV, it is the best option prevention Is. In addition to not having any sexual activity, you can also do the following:

Use a condom » Condoms are not a complete preventative measure because HPV virus It spreads through skin-to-skin contact; However, using a condom can be a good option and protect you from sexually transmitted diseases.

“Do not have sex with anyone who has visible signs of HPV.” Basically, if your partner has genital or oral warts, it is not wise to have sex with him.

“Only have sex with your spouse.” Limiting the number of sexual partners reduces the risk of HPV infection or any STD (sexually transmitted disease) infection.

Warnings about hpv infection

Refraining from having sex is the only natural way to prevent getting the HPV virus. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, before using any Hpv treatment Consult your doctor.

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