How to treat sagging skin

Fitness has a significant effect on the beauty of every woman, but one of the problems that bothers middle-aged women is the accumulation of fat in the sides, abdomen, and sides of the thighs, muscle wasting, and skin loosening in some areas. Especially the skin of the abdomen and underarms.

The reason for this is frequent weight gain and loss and lack of exercise habit in youth.

Ways to treat sagging facial skin include:

– Using skin firming creams that stimulate skin collagen synthesis, including AHA compounds.

– Consumption of strong oral antioxidants that contain many vitamins.

– Methods that stimulate collagen synthesis by increasing blood flow and suction on the skin surface, such as microdermabrasion.

– Methods that are combined with skin exfoliation also have a positive effect on collagen synthesis, such as peeling.

– Methods that deliver antioxidant compounds and stimulate collagen synthesis directly to skin cells, such as mesotherapy.

– The newest methods are the use of fractional lasers and radio frequency.

– Another method to remove laxity and drooping of the facial skin is to use the new ECIT method.

– In order to treat loose and sagging abdominal skin, abdominal skin removal surgery is usually performed.

Radiofrequency is only used to tighten and stretch the skin of the face, and it is not very effective in cases such as drooping and laxity of the skin of the arms.

– The last method, which is usually better to be performed at the age of 40, is lifting surgery.

– Mesotherapy with tonic substances is used to treat laxity and sagging of the skin of the abdomen, thighs, hips and sides.

You can also use the LPG device with Firm up mode to treat laxity and skin sagging, which is known as Key module 2.


Dr. Mojtabi Amiri, a dermatologist and member of the academic staff of Baqiyat University of Medical Sciences, answers the following questions about sagging skin and its treatment.

Why does the skin of the body sag in some areas?

In women, fat accumulates mostly in the chest, back of the arms, thighs, hips, sides and abdomen. In the early stages of fat accumulation, the skin maintains its firm state and only the storage of fat under the skin causes the appearance of cellulite (the skin loses its smooth appearance and becomes wavy). But with increasing weight and increasing fat, the skin of the area will become loose and sagging.

What can we do to solve this problem?

There are many methods to reduce localized fat and skin stretching, but none of them are without defects and complications.

When there is fat accumulation, if the skin is still tight, with the help of methods such as lipolysis, cryolipolysis and liposuction, the excess fat can be removed, and after that the skin will return to its original state, but when the skin hangs, the skin cannot be removed with suction. collected In this situation, radiofrequency radiation can be helpful and cause the skin to tighten.

Of course, radiofer Quency is only used for tightening and stretching the skin of the face, and it is not very effective in cases such as drooping and laxity of the skin of the arms.

The patient must be examined and no opinion can be given without an evaluation.


How does radiofrequency tighten the skin?

Radiofrequency is electromagnetic waves that when they pass through the skin, by causing microscopic damage, they cause the synthesis of collagen fibers, and in this way, the skin becomes tighter.

What is the difference between laser lipolysis, cryo and liposuction?

All these methods suck fat and there is not much difference. Liposuction is preferable to all new methods, because with this method, a larger volume of fat is removed, and secretions after suction will last for a shorter period of time.

With lipolysis and cryolipolysis, a smaller volume of fat is removed, and at the same time, the secretions after the operation are more and longer.

How is this liposuction done?

In this method, in the areas where fat is stored, such as the thighs, hips, abdomen, sides, and back of the arm, some serum is injected with blood coagulants and anesthetics.

If the person doing these procedures does not follow a diet and exercise, the fat will return and none of these methods will help him permanently.

Then, depending on the size of the area, tubes with several needles are used and inserted into the skin. The head of these pipes is connected to the suction of the sucker. With the back-and-forth movements that the surgeon gives to the tubes, the fat tissue loosens and comes out of the tubes with suction.

How are laser lipolysis and cryo different from liposuction?

If suction is accompanied by laser light and heat, it is called laser lipolysis, and if cold is created at the end of the tube, it is called cryolipolysis, but the basis of all work is suction.

Does liposuction have side effects?

Yes, if the fat that is crushed in the suction enters the blood, it can cause a fat embolism. Of course, this rarely happens in those who suction a very large amount of abdominal fat, but in limited cases none of these methods are dangerous.

You said that radiofrequency is not very effective for the treatment of sagging arms. So what method do you suggest to solve this problem?

Lifting is one of the methods that can be used when an area, especially after suction, has a lot of sagging. In this method, some of the skin is removed and sewn in the s method. It is normal that the surgical site remains in this method, but anyway, the amount of sagging is reduced to some extent.

How much do these methods cost?

The cost of all methods is almost the same and since there is no tariff, it is not possible to give a specific price. This cost depends on the doctor and the device he uses.

What is the final advice?

Let’s not forget that if the person who performs these procedures does not follow a diet and exercise, the fat will return and none of these methods will help him permanently. So it is better to change the way of life, because all beauty methods have complications and most of the people who try them regret it.

Oserin mask to remove sagging skin

The ingredients in this mask will remove sagging skin and restore freshness to it.


Olive oil 50 grams

20 grams of raw soy

Oserin 80 grams (Oserin is an oil found in pharmacies)

Natural honey 30 grams

How to prepare:

First, keep soybeans with olive oil in a dark glass (such as children’s cold syrup glass) in a warm and dark place (inside the kitchen cabinet) for a week.

Then smooth it using a fine strainer (or women’s socks).

Carefully add this oil to Oserin.

Then add honey little by little and mix thoroughly.

Rub this mask on your skin two to three times a week for ten to fifteen minutes and then wash it first with lukewarm water and then with cold water.

Do this preferably at night before going to sleep and while sleeping, moisturize your skin with a suitable cream and gently massage it in the opposite direction, i.e. from bottom to top.

When preparing this mask, be sure to use natural honey to see its miracle.


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