How to wash the skin of the face without damaging the skin

Washing your face sounds so easy, doesn’t it? You have done this every day and your face is still very dry, oily, etc., so what is the reason? Because until the opportunity that until the day

There is a wedding, the health of the skin becomes more important for you, we want to inform you about the 7 consecutive mistakes that you make during the facial.
The problem is that if you don’t do this right, you will cause a lot of damage to your skin and face, and this may lead to serious problems such as dryness, inflammation, sagging skin and the appearance of wrinkles. Dr. Jeanette Graff, assistant professor of skin care clinic at Mount Sinai Medical Center, tells us the biggest and most common mistakes that most of us unintentionally make when washing our face and suggests a solution to correct them.

Choose the right cleansing cream
Depending on your skin type, you need to choose a pH-balanced cleansing cream that is suitable for your skin. Dr. Graff recommends foam or gel cleansing creams for oily skin and cream cleansers for dry skin. But remember not to use soap. It is very drying.

Make sure your hands are clean
Dr. Graff says, “It’s very strange to me that so many people skip this step.” Dirty hands means you are trying to clean your face with dirty hands! Wash your hands first, then go to your face.

Wash your bath towel
If you use a bath towel, make sure it is clean. Dr. Graff says: “Either wash your pad thoroughly every time or choose a new pad for each use. Bath leaf can re-introduce dirt and germs to your skin, otherwise I prefer women to use their fingers to wash their face. “When you’re using your hands, you realize how much pressure you’re putting on your skin, but with fibers and things like that, you can be very rough without realizing it.”

lukewarm water
You need lukewarm water to keep your skin moist throughout the day. Water that is neither too hot nor too cold is suitable.

Do not use too much scrub
Most women are used to using a lot of scrubs. Dr. Graff warns to be kind to your skin. If you are going to use a scrub, choose a type that is not too rough and hard and will not harm your skin.

Remove the cleansing cream completely from your face
Dr. Graff recommends that you be sure to completely remove the cleansing cream from your face because its residues on the skin may cause dryness.

twice a day; There are no exceptions
“You should wash your face twice a day,” says Dr. Graff. Once in the morning when you wake up, to remove the germs and impurities that have settled on your skin during the night and while you were sleeping, and once again at the end of the night before going to sleep to remove the make-up and oils left on your skin. clean.”


May 11, 2013 10:24

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