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How to Wash Your Face with Coconut Oil

Washing your face with coconut oil? Gotta be kidding, right?

I am s-e-r-i-o-u-s. It won’t make your face oily. Instead, your face will become super clean and moisturized after washing with this tropical oil. I promise.

The concept is actually very simple. Heard of “like dissolves like”?

When the pores on your face are clogged with the dirty mix of hardened sebum (skin oil), dead cells and impurities, cleansing with a synthetic chemical-loaded facial wash won’t get them all out. It could add more chemical dirt to your skin making it worse, on the contrary.

However, when coconut oil interacts with that hardened mixture that clogs your pores, the mixture softens. This is the best time for you to steam it up and wipe it off. Get it? No?

Never mind. Let’s get down to it and you’ll soon understand how well coconut oil works on your face when you wash with it. Make sure you follow the steps closely.

Oh, the ingredients you need are very simple – organic virgin coconut oil, hot water and 2 clean washcloths. At the very least, use organic RBD coconut oil if you don’t like the coconut odor in virgin coconut oil.

Step 1 – Dust Off Your Face First

If your face is dry, get a damp washcloth to lightly wipe off any dirt or dust that could have landed on your skin. If you have oily face, all the more you should do this. (Coconut oil is good for oily face too)

This can help to improve the efficiency and effectiveness when you wash your face with coconut oil later.

Step 2 – Let’s Get Oily with Coconut Oil

When using coconut oil for daily skin care, a dab is good enough. But this time round you need more than just a dab because you’re washing your face.

So, generously scoop up one teaspoonful of coconut oil and place it on your palm. Warm it up (if it has turned hard due to a cool climate) by rubbing with both your hands.

Massage the oil gently on your face in a circular motion for one minute.

Then leave it on your face for 5–10 minutes. This is to allow coconut oil sufficient time to “persuade” the dirty clog to soften up. Once it softens, things will get easier.

Try to move less during these few minutes. Moving a lot creates heat that can make you sweat and undermine the cleansing effect.

Step 3 – Heat Up Your Face

Rinse the second washcloth with steaming hot water. Be careful not to get scalded. Use a glove where necessary.

Wring out excess water and slowly lay it on your face. If you feel it’s too hot for your skin, wait a while for it to cool a bit before putting on the washcloth. The “hotness” must be the degree your skin can tolerate.

Let it sit on your face for 30 seconds.

The purpose for this is to make use of the heat to help open your pores so that the natural coconut oil can lift the dirty oil for you to easily wipe it off.

Step 4 – Wipe It Off

30 seconds are up. Wipe off whatever is on your face, but do it gently.

If you need a second wipe, repeat Step 3.

Step 5 – Dash to Your Bathroom

And look in the mirror. Ta-da. Now, you have a super bouncy and moisturized skin after washing your face with coconut oil. Touch and tap your face to feel it. You’ll love its tenderness.

You can wash your face with coconut oil twice a day. Once in the morning and once before bed at night. Or if you’re lazy, once a day at least.

Washing your face with coconut oil is good for acne too if you’re plagued with acne. In this case, I would recommend twice a day.

In case you get breakouts after washing your face with coconut oil, look back on your diet. If your diet is clean, like you’re taking only plant-based food and whole food, then it could be that your skin is allergic to coconut oil. This may be rare but it does happen.

However, if you’re taking lots of junk food like meat, refined food etc, then you can’t blame coconut oil for that. It could be executing its detox on you, which helps you instead. At this juncture, you’ll have to decide whether you want to continue washing your face with coconut oil or not.

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