How women can cure cold temper without needing a doctor

Many women in the world at any age and race suffer from cold temper; A disorder that occurs in the body for various reasons such as hormonal disorders, illness, stress, anxiety and life problems, and usually treatments that Non-drug and non-chemical treatments are recommended by doctors, psychologists and therapists. Therapists of natural methods of treatment in different countries for the treatment of cold temper first of all suggest changing and modifying the way of life and lifestyle and after that they go to the natural methods of controlling stress and anxiety and controlling the tensions caused by life and to strengthen the sexual power and The treatment of sexual impotence of their clients, in the end, they resort to various types of medicinal plants or medicines of herbal origin.

Eat 5 grams of elderberry per week

One of the medicinal plants that can overcome the prevention and treatment of one of the most common disorders of married life is elderberry. In various sources of traditional medicine, it has been mentioned that the consumption of tea made from elderberry or elderberry decoction is effective in treating some sexual disorders, especially in women. The effect of elderberry on the treatment of women’s sexual disorders and even the anxiety they may experience during marital relations is such that many researches have been carried out and the effect of elderflower and its fruit and the effect of elderberry have been studied and industrial capsules It is offered to people in pharmacies of some European countries. On the other hand, don’t forget that according to Ayurveda therapists, smelling the essential oil obtained from the elder flower can also help to improve and cure sexual impotence, although these therapists do not recommend men to smell the elder flower essential oil because it reduces their physical ability. On the other hand, drinking one to two cups of tea made from the decoction of elder leaves or fruits is not ineffective for treating this disorder, but if you want to get a successful therapeutic result from this experience, you must consult a traditional medicine specialist.

Reducing anxiety with the Chinese method

There are many young women who after marriage, due to experiencing pain during marriage, gradually suffer from fears and stress that these mental-psychological states provide problems for them and affect the marital relations of husband and wife. Problems that may cause problems and differences between husband and wife in the short term if not treated. Chinese rhubarb plant and root and drinking tea prepared from it has a great effect in reducing pain, especially pain that women may experience in the pelvic region. Of course, it should not be forgotten that women who have just given birth to their child and are experiencing the stages of breastfeeding should not use this plant or its derivatives.

Add these plants to your diet

In some traditional medicine texts, it is mentioned that the inclusion of some plants and vegetables that have a therapeutic aspect in the diet can have a great effect on the treatment of sexual impotence and physical weaknesses in couples, especially women. Therefore, it is recommended to use beetroot, royal jelly, green pepper, onion, radish, raisin and raspberry in most of the meals of your program and weekly diet. Drinking coconut juice and grape juice is also one of the foods that can help to strengthen the physical ability of women. Be sure to add natural and pure honey to your breakfast and don’t forget that eating pills made from a combination of dates, walnuts and cinnamon can be very effective in this regard. To prepare this pill, you need 6 dates, 3 walnuts and a little cinnamon. Remove the core of the dates and pound the walnuts and dates until soft. Add cinnamon to it and prepare some pills and eat 4 to 5 pills every day. Prepare and consume these pills daily.

Change your lifestyle

In some of the versions available in Boali Sina’s books, the decrease in sexual desire is mentioned as a disease that has a close relationship with the type of diet of each person. In fact, Bouali Sina considers excessive consumption of food and snacks or choosing inappropriate foods as an effective factor in reducing sexual desire. Boali Sina even considers people’s lifestyle, how they take a bath, when they wake up and go to sleep, to be very effective in impotence and decreased sexual desire, therefore, it is recommended that people who are faced with decreased sexual desire in their diet plan Peas, beans, melon seeds, sesame, onions, carrots, fresh fish, caviar, honey, saffron, sweet grapes, mutton, turnips, cabbage, sweet wheat, dill, mint, fenugreek, and asparagus should be used. For their meal, they prepare to use these medicinal plants and vegetables as raw material or seasoning.

Treat erysipelas

Rose is another herb whose oral and topical use helps to treat impotence or sexual impotence. In many traditional medicine texts, it is mentioned that the daily consumption of rose extract can have a positive effect on the physical ability and improve the physical ability of men and women. Today, this extract is also produced industrially and it can be easily obtained in pharmacies and apothecaries. The local use of rose oil in the abdomen area can have a good effect on the treatment of sexual impotence and increasing the body’s ability in men and women. In addition, the consumption of red flowers helps to improve the functioning of the digestive system and increase relaxation and control heart palpitations.

Ginseng; Fertility plant

There is a belief among the people of the Middle East that eating ginseng, which is the root of a perennial Chinese plant, can have a great effect on increasing their sexual power and cure sexual and physical impotence in men and women. This is why ginseng root is found in the kitchen of all Chinese families. In fact, the Chinese put this plant in the diet of their family members, and in this way, with the help of the miraculous properties of this plant, they control and prevent sexual and physical impotence in their family members.

Do not trust any herbal medicine

Today, go to any pharmacy or store that offers products or supplements of natural and herbal origin, you will see all kinds of products that exist for the treatment of sexual and marital problems and disorders, and the sellers consider their use to be effective for treating and solving these problems, but the important point is It is that a large part of these tablets or capsules have not yet been approved by the world’s prestigious scientific centers, although their effectiveness has been evaluated positively in various researches, therefore, one should be careful in choosing supplements and herbal medicines in any field, especially for the treatment of disorders and He was careful about sexual diseases and did not take any medicine or plant on his own without the prescription of a traditional medicine specialist because it is natural and does not have side effects. Even the herbs and medicines that we recommend to you should be prescribed to you with the advice of a traditional medicine specialist, because people’s temperaments are different and one herb may have a different therapeutic effect on 2 different people.

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