The Food and Drug Administration in the United States has approved a drug called Latis 0.03% for the treatment of hypotrichosis.

According to the translation group of Dr. Salam, for some time several cosmetic companies claimed that some glaucoma treatment drugs that contain compounds such as prostaglandins have a great effect on the growth of black, long and thick eyelashes, and according to this claim, they tried to use the above combination in the production of their cosmetics, while the Food and Drug Administration in America was against this claim and forced them to reconsider the choice of cosmetic ingredients. Until recently, the Food and Drug Administration in America has approved a drug called Latis 0.03% for the treatment of hypotrichosis (thin eyelashes). The compound in this drug called bimatoprost was previously used to treat glaucoma, but now it has been approved for the first time to improve the quality of eyelashes and increase their volume.
This medicine should only be applied daily on the upper eyelashes (it cannot be used on the lower eyelashes). Its effect will be noticeable after 8 weeks and will reach its peak after 16 weeks. The use of this medicine must be continuous, otherwise, if you stop using the medicine, the eyelashes will return to their original state. This medicine can only be sold if prescribed by a doctor.
Among the side effects of using this drug, redness, itching and darkening of the eyelids have been reported.
It should be mentioned that people who want to take this medicine should talk to their doctor about the history of diseases and the type of medicines they are taking. This is necessary to avoid drug interactions.

15 April 1391 11:11

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