Identifying the right egg from other eggs

What are the characteristics of a healthy egg and by what features can we recognize and buy them? Our advice to some people is to use a variety of appropriate methods in this field to maintain more health!

Eggs are very important in the diet. According to their taste, people like one of the methods of boiling, boiling, etc., and many are used to only eating eggs for breakfast. But it is not difficult to identify a healthy egg from an unhealthy one.

What would you do if you were told that most of the eggs you consumed were not healthy? First of all, you need to know that healthy eggs come from healthy chickens. The reason is clear. A healthy hen lays eggs on the food it consumes.

According to Shafqna, quoting Faradeed from, in fact, a healthy hen must have access to sufficient space, fresh air and a variety of food to deliver healthy eggs. Chickens have an interesting food variety and feed on snakes, insects and rodents. If the chickens live their whole life in a confined space, then they can’t give you quality eggs like free-range chickens!

The results of scientists’ research have also emphasized the importance of feeding chickens. The results of a research show that increasing the level of DHA in the diet of chickens affects the omega-3 fatty acids found in their eggs. The Oxford Journal also noted in a report that the increase in beta-carotene consumed by chickens is directly related to the amount of beta-carotene found in its eggs.

Characteristics of healthy eggs
But how can we distinguish healthy eggs from unhealthy eggs? If you are going to buy a large number of eggs from someone, then it is better to break one of them to see the quality.

Egg yolk color: Light or pale yellow is not a good sign for egg yolk. The egg yolk should be orange; In other words, the darker the yolk, the better. Pay attention to the eggs that you have bought in a few days and try the place where the egg yolk color is darker. If you try orange yolks, you will never go for regular eggs again.

Egg yolk thickness: The yolk of healthier eggs is both thicker and rounder. If the egg yolk has these two characteristics, then you can say that they are healthy.

Egg shell thickness and density: A healthy egg cannot be broken easily. If you hit the egg shell gently with your finger and that hit breaks the egg, know that you are not getting a quality egg. A strong shell means a high quality egg.

How to find healthy eggs?
The relative growth of industrial agriculture has increased the distribution of organic products. Getting healthy eggs from the producer is more rational than consuming low-quality eggs. If you live in such a way that you have the ability to raise several chickens, be sure to choose this option to stay healthy.

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