If stomach bloating is accompanied by these symptoms, see a doctor

One of the common problems is stomach bloating. It is possible that you will have heartache due to the accumulation of gas in the stomach. But if stomach bloating is accompanied by other symptoms, it is possible that you have much more serious problems. So, if you suffer from stomach bloating with the symptoms listed below, you must see a doctor immediately.

Abdominal bloating is a common problem and it is not unlikely that you also have heartache caused by the accumulation of gas in the stomach. Perhaps, in your opinion, the smelly gas accumulated in your intestines is only a source of embarrassment and annoyance, but according to experts, the combination of this problem with other symptoms can indicate the possibility of more serious problems. So, if you experience bloating with the following symptoms, be sure to see a specialist.

hip pain

Although it is rare to have this problem, bloating is accompanied by hip pain It can be a sign of ovarian cancer.
Experts say that if these symptoms intensify while eating and are accompanied by vaginal bleeding, you should pay more attention to your problem. Don’t worry. In most cases, your problem is caused by a benign mass of fibroids, and after checking your symptoms and ultrasound, you can start treatment.

Diarrhea and weight loss

About 1% of people have celiac disease. A disease that reduces the body’s ability to tolerate gluten and causes an autoimmune reaction if foods containing this substance are consumed. Diarrhea and weight loss, along with severe bloating, is a common problem in people with celiac disease, and if you feel that you are suffering from it by eating bread, cereals and other foods containing gluten. Digestive problems You can check this with your doctor. By doing a blood test, you can be sure if you have this problem or not.

Burning pain in the abdomen

Inflammation of the appendix can cause you to have a serious and threatening problem of appendicitis. Experts still don’t know the exact cause of this happening, but they think that sometimes parasites or bacteria lead to this inflammation. One of the symptoms of appendicitis is abdominal pain with severe bloating.
This pain starts from the navel and moves to the right and lower abdomen. Pain caused by appendicitis worsens with coughing and sneezing. Instead of trying to relieve your pain at home, go to the emergency room right away.
Appendicitis is a problem that can endanger your health if not treated in time.

Stomach bloating

Abdominal pain and vomiting

If you have severe abdominal pain and bloating Vomit It is not unlikely that your intestines are facing a serious problem.
Intestinal obstruction or the formation of ulcers and tumors in this area can cause these annoying symptoms. If all these symptoms are accompanied by bloody diarrhea or blood in the stool, go to a gastroenterologist without wasting time. Colon cancer may present itself with such symptoms.

Going crazy soon

If your doctor’s tests say that your thyroid gland is working well and you don’t have diabetes, you should look for another reason for your bloating.
Experts believe that flatulence can trouble you for strange reasons, and according to them, suffering from anxiety and depression can also be flatulence.
Experts believe that people who suffer from anxiety disorders or depression will also suffer from digestive problems, and their stomach and intestinal problems can lead to the accumulation of these gases in their digestive system.

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September 8, 2016 20:01

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