If these things happen to you in a dream, you are sick!

There are various methods and signs that can be used to diagnose diseases. One of the symptoms of the disease is drooling and excessive sweating during sleep, which can be dangerous symptoms for a person’s disease that must be treated. Stay with Dr. Salam.

Seyyed Javad Alavi said about the symptoms of the disease: some issues that occur to people during the day can be a sign of the disease and being aware of it can help people.

He added: Spilling saliva on the pillow and the presence of dry floors around the mouth should be taken seriously, as well as excessive movements and teeth grinding, especially in children, should be taken into consideration.

This traditional medicine expert noted: Excessive sweating in sleep is a sign of some diseases and should be investigated. Also, heavy snoring can be a sign of high humidity in the body and swelling and enlargement of the tonsils or small tongue.

Alavi reminded: Any type of pain that wakes a person up from sleep, such as a headache or abdominal pain, can be a sign of a dangerous disease. Also, recurring scary dreams and jumping out of sleep may be a sign of inappropriate mental conditions or the presence of some inappropriate substances in the body. In all the above cases, it is recommended to see a doctor specializing in traditional medicine.

He continued: Consuming side dishes such as salad, pickles, yogurt, buttermilk and the like is also a mistake with food, and on the other hand, these substances are appetite stimulants and will cause a person to eat more than the stomach can digest and the result Repetition of this act will spoil digestion, produce mixtures and waste materials in the stomach, body, obesity and illness.

This traditional medicine expert stated: Unlike what we see in cooking recipes today, many traditional cooking recipes are the result of the wisdom and thinking of sages and doctors, and they put different ingredients together with special attention so that they have similar digestion or side effects. reduce each other.

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