If you are unhappy with your hairstyle

An important point for those of you who are unhappy with your hairstyle.

It must be said that, unfortunately, there is no quick way to repair improperly cut hair. But there are ways to help you look better before your hair grows back.

The recommendation of the beauty, skin and hair team of Dr. Salam medical magazine is to wash your hair well and style it again, because the style that the hairdresser gives to your hair may make it look worse than it is. Then use accessories that will help you during this time, for example a headband or hairpin can hold back very short hair, or a ponytail can hide layers of badly cut hair.

tip : If you are unhappy with your hairstyle, discuss it with the salon manager. Many managers will be happy to hear your comments and criticisms.

27 February 2011 11:53

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