If you don’t eat a full breakfast, read on

Choose the healthiest ones for fun

Healthy and energetic foods are the best option for entertainment. It is better for students to eat sugary foods during recess, because sugar is the biggest source of fuel for our brain. Of course, be aware that simple sugars such as dried figs, dried berries, sugar, sugar, cakes and sweets containing sugar, quickly increase blood sugar and just as quickly cause a drop in blood sugar and loss of concentration. For this reason, it is better to choose foods containing complex sugars such as apples, peaches, pears, raisins, raisins, or fruits mixed with honey, dates, and grapes. In addition to having high nutritional value, these foods also increase concentration and memory. Walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios and peanuts are among the most nutritious foods for fun. All types of nuts contain different minerals such as magnesium, potassium, zinc and vitamin E. Of course, the nutritional value of raw nuts is much higher than their salted and roasted types. Some nuts, such as walnuts and to a lesser extent almonds, also contain omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids significantly improve brain function and increase concentration.

Never forget breakfast

Unfortunately, one of the bad habits of many students is to skip breakfast from their meal plan, but in addition to jeopardizing the health of the digestive system, this also reduces the power of concentration and memory. New research shows that even the most malnourished people and children are very interested in eating hot breakfast, so parents can encourage their students to eat breakfast by preparing warm bread for them or baking their breakfast bread in toasters or Heat the microwave. Lentils, hard-boiled eggs, omelets, baked potatoes, pinto beans, and all kinds of khagine are among the most nutritious hot foods that can be very enjoyable for students to eat.

Don’t miss the drink next to breakfast

Students’ breakfast drinks should be varied and nutritious so that they want to eat it every morning and maintain their health and memory. Tea, coffee, and Nescafe are among caffeinated drinks that drinking them early in the morning makes children sleepy and makes them fully alert for going to school and studying. Milk also contains calcium and can help children to be alert, maintain their health and increase their concentration. Citrus juice, such as orange and grapefruit juice or a combination of different citrus fruits, greatly increases children’s concentration and helps them learn lessons and remember things. Of course, it is better to add a little coconut powder, powdered nuts, honey or date juice to milk to make it more nutritious. Adding honey and date juice to tea and coffee can significantly increase their nutritional value.

eat fish

One of the most nutritious foods for students is “brain food” or fish. Various researches have proven that even consuming one serving of fish during the week can increase the power of short-term memory in remembering lessons and tasks. For this reason, the consumption of fish during adolescence is recommended to children who need to strengthen their memory for studying and memorizing material.

Do not forget whole grains

Whole grains such as brown rice, brown rice, and roasted corn are rich in fiber and vitamin E. For this reason, their consumption reduces the risk of vascular diseases and bad blood fat (LDL). Prevention of fat deposition in blood vessels and blood flow in the body by eating whole grains, causes better blood supply to the brain and improves its function. Therefore, it is possible to advise all people, such as students, who work a lot with their brains, to start consuming whole grains instead of simple grains. In addition, we can consume whole grain breads with a food containing protein and fat, such as peanut butter, so as not to face a lack of energy, constant fatigue and loss of concentration during the day.

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