If you go to the pool, take care of your hair hygiene

People who go to the pool are aware that there is a lot of chlorine in the water, so it is better to take good care of your hair.

Take hair care seriously because half of beauty is having healthy and beautiful hair. If your hair changes color and sometimes turns green when you go to the pool, it’s a good idea to use these tips to take care of your hair against pool chlorine. It oxidizes in contact with the hair shaft, creating a green tint that is especially visible on blond hair. And chlorine? “Because chlorine destroys the natural fats in your hair and scalp, it dries and dulls your hair, and this causes your hair to lose its softness and become coarse,” he says. This means that chlorine tightens the texture of your hair, reduces its shine and also destroys the color of your hair. But do not worry. We know how to protect hair from chlorine. So you can continue to enjoy swimming on sunny days as well as your beautiful hair.

Hair care in the pool

Wash your hair with fresh water

“The goal is to keep pool water away from having a direct effect on your hair,” says Krant. Wet your hair with fresh water before diving to reduce direct contact of the pool water with your hair. To wash again during and after swimming, take a shower every half hour during the days you are in the pool for a long time.

Cover your hair with coconut oil

“Coconut oil (or the hair oil you want) covers the hair with a water-resistant shield that protects it against chlorine and copper,” says Crant. To prevent chlorine damage to your hair, allow the oil to remain on your scalp while swimming.

Wear a swimming cap

Swimwear is not just for professionals. If your hair is naturally dry, undergoing chemical treatments, or is already damaged by hair heat tools, a swimming cap is even more important. Chlorine works stronger on weaker hair!

Use more emollients

“During weeks of heavy chlorine exposure, more use of conditioner will protect the hair before swimming, and repair it after swimming,” says Krant. He also recommends using hot oil restorative treatments and conditioners without the need for rinsing to further hydrate and shine the hair.

Try a copper cleansing shampoo

This shampoo removes the green color of the hair. If the shampoo loses its green color after one use, reusing it is optional, but Krant recommends that you use this shampoo every day if you swim regularly.

Be natural

Ladies, please put aside hair styling tools. Allow your hair to air dry and resist the temptation to try a new hair color in the summer. “These same actions will keep your hair cuticle as soft as possible, thereby helping the hair shaft to resist the penetration of harsh chlorine and green copper,” says Krant.

Source: White Magenta

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