If you have high blood pressure, eat blueberries

A new study at North Flanders College has proven that blueberries can reduce the effects of a high-fat diet. It was shown for the first time that blueberry effects It is beneficial on blood pressure and inflammatory responses. Mild inflammation and high blood pressure are often associated with obesity-related diseases. The main aim of this study was to evaluate the beneficial effects of blueberries in rats fed a high-fat diet for 3 months. The mice were divided into three groups; One group was considered as a control that only had a high-fat diet, and in the other group, a high-fat diet containing 5% of dried blueberries was applied, and the third group was given a high-fat diet containing 10% of blueberries. Then, the researchers evaluated the effects of the diet by measuring inflammatory cells, cytokine levels, systolic blood pressure, glucose tolerance, insulin sensitivity and weight gain. The findings from the statistical analysis showed that the mice in the high-fat diet group showed significant weight gain and destructive changes in glucose and lipid metabolism, inflammatory factors and blood pressure, which was significantly different from other groups. Blueberry reduced the pro-inflammatory effects of high-fat diet, this effect was confirmed by the change of cytokine profile and the relative reduction of protective T cells. Also, blueberries prevented the increase in blood pressure caused by a high-fat diet. Blueberry is now well known as a fruit, the properties of blueberry are due to the presence of polyphenols, especially anthocyanins, which are found in large amounts in blueberries. The article related to this study was published in the journal PLoS ONE.


23 April 1394 17:18

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