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In this post, we have given you some tips about washing all types of hair, such as dry hair, oily hair, and normal hair. We know that the condition of hair is different for different people, but the fact is that hair is classified into only 3 groups; Oily hair, normal hair and dry hair. If you ever thought that all three of these conditions should be washed in the same way, you are very wrong.


When cleaning your hair, you should consider its type and also choose the right cleaning materials for washing. More importantly, the washing method should be done on a principled and correct basis, so that in addition to hygiene, you can control the scalp and hair to the desired state and bring the oiliness and dryness of the hair to normal. If you pay attention to the shampoo labels, it is written on them Made for oily, dry, normal or damaged and dyed hair. These characteristics are obtained based on a combination of surfactants and softening materials, so that everyone can choose shampoos for that hair based on their hair type. Here we want to tell you a little about hair washing and whether herbal shampoos are really more effective?

Do not grab greasy hair

Most people’s scalp is oily, but some people’s skin is less oily and some more, which largely depends on how a person treats their hair. This type of hair should be washed only every other day without grabbing, massaging and brushing so that the oil glands on the scalp are not irritated; In this way, put the hair in the palms of your hands and periodically wash the scalp without touching the scalp with the nails or fingertips. Washing two hands every time is enough; After shampooing, rinse your hair thoroughly with lukewarm or even slightly cold water. Remember to use a shampoo with a pH of 6-7 or more or a shampoo for oily hair. Oily hair does not need conditioners because these substances make hair oil worse.

Do not use hot water if you have dry hair

There are few people who have dry scalp and suffer from excessive hair dryness; Shampoo and conditioner for dry hair are also recommended for this type of hair. In these people, the number of times of washing should be reduced to a minimum and washing with hot water should be strictly avoided, while using the right amount of shampoo while washing. It is recommended to use creamy shampoos or hair strengthening oils and creams for dry hair. Remember that you should also wash your scalp very slowly without grabbing or brushing your hair.

normal hair; Every other day

For washing normal hair, where the scalp is neither oily nor dry, it is done between the method of washing oily and dry hair. To maintain this type of hair, it is better to use shampoos suitable for normal hair and to wash the hair every other day. When washing, the hair should be placed in the palms of the hands and periodically wash the skin of the scalp. This washing method is a general rule and those who follow this method will not have abnormal shedding at least in terms of washing.

Damaged hair due to the acidity of the shampoo

If your hair is damaged due to various materials such as mesh or curling materials or for any other reason, i.e. damaged due to excessive manipulation and the sulfur bonds of its structure have changed so that it has dryness, roughness and lack of strength, it is better to Pay attention to the acidity of the shampoo. The acidity of shampoos is adjusted between medium alkalinity and mild acidity. Neutral shampoos or shampoos with light acidity, that is, shampoos with a pH of 6 to 7, swell the hair less and mess up the outer cuticle layer of the hair less.

How much shampoo should we use?

It depends on the volume of each person’s hair. For example, for men who have shorter hair, shampooing even once is enough for them, but women with long hair usually only remove surface dirt from their hair with the first shampoo, and it may be necessary to shampoo their hair once more to be able to Understand the feeling of cleaning hair well.

Baby shampoo for sensitive people

Children’s shampoos are not alkaline and are more acidic, so they are not irritating to the delicate skin of children. Now, those who have sensitive skin and hair and after every time washing their hair with normal shampoos, their scalp and hair feel itchy and dry, can use baby shampoo.

How many minutes does the shampoo stay on the hair?

There is no need to leave the shampoo on the hair. The same time you spend washing your hair by massaging shampoo on it is enough and you don’t want to keep shampoo on your head anymore. But conditioners should be left on the hair for a short time and then rinsed off. In the case of therapeutic shampoos, it is also necessary to leave the shampoo on the head for 3-5 minutes to apply the effect of the medicine and then rinse.

How effective is multipurpose shampoo?

If your hair needs conditioning, use a post-shampoo conditioner rather than a conditioner-containing shampoo. Because it is difficult for a shampoo to perform 2 completely opposite actions together; It cleans the hair and at the same time leaves a layer on the hair. In addition, these residues accumulate on the hair and form grease (Gaeriasis). In addition, don’t think that a shampoo advertised as “rich” and “thick” is better. The purpose of manufacturers is to add hardeners or softeners to their products and to thicken and enrich them, to beautify the appearance of the product and to market them.

Is using herbal shampoos better than chemical shampoos?

This is not a scientific belief and claim, because herbal shampoos also have chemical compounds. It is not bad to know that the extraction of plants for the purpose of producing shampoo is also done by chemical methods, while the chemical nature of a product is not in itself reprehensible and this work (preparation of chemical products) is also considered a kind of science.

Is garlic shampoo useful for treating hair loss?

We all know that garlic is useful for treating many diseases such as reducing blood sugar or blood fat. But unfortunately, we have a habit of making a material versatile to make our work easier! The same is the case with garlic shampoo. There is no harm in using this shampoo, but no significant benefits have been reported for its use. As we mentioned before, to prove the effectiveness of a product like garlic shampoo, enough scientific tests should be done to confirm it.

Are coconut, olive and almond shampoos for dry hair?

Yes. In general, this type of shampoo can be used for people with dry hair. In order to prevent the speed of the increase in frizz, it is only necessary to remove the hair from that extremely dry state, and the method of doing this (use of oil or shampoo) depends on the taste and desire of the people.

Which herbal shampoo for which hair?

Those whose hair does not have enough moisture can use aloe vera shampoo to keep hair moist or those who have coarse and rough hair can try avocado shampoo to soften hair. Pepper shampoo can also be useful for those people whose scalp and hair are too oily, because it reduces the oiliness of the scalp and hair to some extent.

Is henna and henna shampoo useful for strengthening hair?

Henna is good for hair as long as it is clean and free from any environmental and fungal pollution. If you are careful that your fawn is not infected and your skin and hair do not suffer from various fungal problems, there is nothing wrong with using it. Henna shampoo, which is prepared in the standard environment of the factory, has no specific pollution and you can use it safely.

Chamomile shampoo is useful to prevent itchy hair?

Studies have been done to prove this issue and the anti-itch effect of chamomile and its shampoo has been confirmed.

Does ginseng shampoo prevent hair graying?

no Claims about the effectiveness of ginseng shampoos or selenium tablets and shampoos, which are said to prevent graying of hair, have not yet been proven, so it cannot be confirmed.

Source: Green apple magazine

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