If you want to gain weight and strengthen your body, read this article

Most of the athletes use supplements and drugs to strengthen their bodies, which cannot be easily trusted and have many side effects. But there are always useful natural enhancers that can easily replace this supplement. fill in the non-standard ones for you.

If you suffer from general body weakness or are suffering from anemia, according to Dr. Leila Shirbeigi, a traditional medicine specialist and a member of the academic staff of the Faculty of Traditional Medicine of Tehran University, you can include grape juice in your diet.

This expert of traditional medicine said about this: “Given that grape juice is blood-forming and tonic for the body, people who have general weakness or are suffering from anemia can eat grape juice together with rice milk or semno or use it as a syrup or vinegar. To prepare juice vinegar, you should add homemade grape vinegar to the amount of one-tenth of the grape juice you have and boil it for 2 to 3 minutes until the vinegar and juice mix well. For each use, you should dissolve 1-2 tablespoons of this mixture in a glass of water and drink it.”


He further added: “One of the other benefits of this sweet food is the increase in muscle volume. That is why they recommend the combination of grape juice and sesame seeds to those who do heavy work or are athletes, because in addition to being tonic, it increases the volume of muscles.

Finally, Dr. Shirbeigi pointed out another benefit of consuming grape juice and said: “Another property of grape juice is to open cramps, and therefore, in order not to create blockages in the liver channels, grape juice can be consumed together with grape vinegar. did.”

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