Important changes to relieve migraine headaches

What are some ways to get rid of migraine headaches and reduce them in our body? Lifestyle changes and increased daily activities are the best side effects for all types of headaches.

Maybe it is better not to follow the old advice and this time wipe the head that does not hurt. For those of you who have been struggling with migraines for years, even the quietest, most painless moments of your life are not without stress. Migraines are always waiting for the onset of pain again, and they are well aware that just being with their loved ones until midnight can destroy the pleasure of staying overnight with unbearable pain.

Follow these tips if you consider yourself a member of a large family of migraines and are tired of ineffective and ineffective drug treatments. Various experts and researchers around the world believe that the following are better ways to control migraine pain than any pill or medication, and block the way for them to attack.

Make a pain calendar

The best way to deal with migraines is to record the number of days you have a headache. Buy a wall calendar and draw a red line around all the days your head hurts. Check the registered days at the end of the month. You can write in the margin of the calendar how you spent your day, how much you slept, what you ate and in what air you breathed.

What common features can you find for these days? Can you say that the day you go to bed later than a certain hour, the next day a migraine attacks your head? Or have you experienced such pain on days when you have overworked or eaten certain foods? This calendar will help you identify the factors that are causing your pain. So be sure to put the page of Azar Mah on the wall today and try to record the days when you are in pain from this month.

Do not go under the kitchen

Avoiding one of the meals and getting rid of the thought of having lunch because of your laziness in cooking can make you feel bad. Staying hungry is one of the worst experiences a migraine can have. But it is not just eating a meal that causes headaches. If you make excuses and come to the table long after the right time to eat, you will also set the stage for a migraine attack.

For those of you with the disease, eating at the right time each day can be one of the best sedatives. A medicine that does not cause you any side effects. If you know you are going to have a busy day, it is better to put a few nuts and candies in your bag and do not let them feel hungry by eating them from time to time. Do not forget that just a few minutes of hunger can accompany you for hours and even days with these unbearable pains.

Sing a lullaby for yourself

It does not matter why you do not sleep. From being unable to resist the temptation to watch the 90th program to attending family parties or getting sleep disorders that require serious treatment can all be a disaster for you with migraines. If you do not want these annoying pains that disturb your peace to come back to you, draw a line around going to bed late and go to bed at a certain time at night. Going to bed at the right time and waking up at the right time can also help control your illness.

Go on a trip

You probably know that stress is one of the stimulants and can cause headaches in your life. But if you take a break a month, two days, or once a few months a week and experience a relaxing journey, you have helped control your illness a lot. You do not need anything to ease the pain, just relax and get rid of annoying thoughts, and what better opportunity than a trip to create this situation?

Make no excuses and invite yourself on a trip, however small, once every few weeks. No matter where you go, no matter how much you spend, as soon as you free your mind from daily work and stress for a few days, you have taken a big step in controlling migraine pain. This time the ball is in your court and you are your own doctor. So take this responsibility seriously.


If you do not have a middle ground with exercising, and of course, if you have lifted a large stone without preparing your body and you are exercising hard, it is natural that headaches accompany your daily routine. Studies on ways to combat migraine attacks show that exercise can also counteract these attacks like a medicine. But if you want to use such a drug, be careful not to do sudden sports movements or if your body is not ready, do not start heavy exercise at once.

For those of you who have migraines, perhaps the best way to enroll is in a beginner’s yoga or aerobics class or even jogging in a park near your home. By doing this, you will both help your body release more serotonin and make you happier, and reduce the chance of a headache attack again.

Do not eat pizza

You need to be careful about what you eat to reduce the pain that interferes with your daily life. Caffeinated and stimulant foods can pave the way for the onset of these pains, but in addition, consuming foods containing preservatives can also contribute to this problem.

If you like sausages and migraines, you need to think about your taste buds and, with strict training, reduce your cravings for troublesome foods. It may be best to say goodbye to pizza and even hamburgers for a while and prepare food at home with the least amount of preservatives and, of course, the least amount of spices; Because spices can also cause such pain in susceptible individuals.

Fill the pitcher with water

Dehydration is another cause of migraine pain. If you spend a lot of time in the sun during the day or forget to drink water from morning till now due to being too busy, you should also expect your headaches to get worse. When the body water supply of people with migraines is reduced, the ground for these attacks is prepared.

Perhaps a good way to get around this pain is to always put a glass of water on your desk or next to the furniture you sit on to reduce the chance of forgetting your drinking water. If that doesn’t work, you can set your cell phone clock to remind you to drink some water at least once every 45 minutes.

Lose weight

Maybe you, who are worried about being overweight for a thousand and one reasons, do not even know that you experience more migraine headaches these days due to the accumulation of fat in your body. But researchers say people who are overweight are 81 percent more likely to experience the pain than migraines that are not overweight.

So to get less migraine pain, see a nutritionist as soon as possible and choose a proper diet to reduce the likelihood of your pain starting. Maybe this time you can mark with a double arrow and by losing weight you can reduce the possibility of migraine attack again and insure yourself against other complications of obesity.

Have your own air

The air you breathe in can also cause your head to ache. When migraines are exposed to certain winds, or when they are forced to work on a hot day without exposure to proper cooling and ventilation equipment, they experience an uncontrollable headache at the end of the day.

Researchers say that overheating or exposure to wind can cause headaches, such as breathing in polluted air. So have your own air. On the other hand, do not forget that the hot sun is one of the most effective factors in this case, and if you are exposed to it for long minutes, the pain will bother you for a few days.

Get help from a gynecologist

Pain is not the only problem that women complain of during menstruation, and it is not just a neurologist who can prescribe an appropriate neurological test to control migraine headaches. If you have a woman and you have a migraine, you can also count on the help of a gynecologist to improve your condition, because according to studies, hormonal changes during menstruation can also cause migraines, and if you do not control these changes with the help of a gynecologist.

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