Important facts about virginity

The hymen is located at the opening of the vagina. This part has few tissues and nerve fibers. For this reason, if the person is mentally and physically relaxed, the rupture of the curtain will be painless. It is recommended not to penetrate and tear the curtain on the wedding night.

It is better for women to consult a gynecologist and ask for the necessary explanations before having intercourse, not to get a hymen health certificate, but because they know the type of hymen. Because in rare cases where the membrane is thick, surgery is needed.

If the vaginal opening is narrow, it is best to use a soothing cream or gel or anesthetic spray. In addition, stimulating the woman and the discharge from the vaginal opening causes the vaginal opening to flow and facilitate sexual intercourse.

Sometimes the hymen does not rupture completely once or twice, and each time a part of it ruptures and bleeds a little. Without a ruptured membrane, sperm fluid shed on it can cause pregnancy, because the sperm in the sperm can move through the membrane hole and go to the female egg, causing a pregnancy. In these cases, the woman becomes pregnant with a healthy veil.

Sports such as horseback riding, running, jumping, swimming, dancing, ballet, never cause a girl to tear her veil unless she falls during an accident while playing and at the same time a sharp object hits the veil and causes it to rupture. Be.

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