Important points regarding penile fracture

One of the most painful problems for men and their partners is the problem of penis fracture. This issue has reasons such as erection in sleep or risky sexual behaviors. In this issue, we will examine the causes of this problem as well as a solution to treat it. This occurs when the hard membrane around the penis is torn.

Fracture is not the most appropriate word for this incident because there is no bone in the penis to break and this term is attributed to this complication.

This membrane around the penis is soft and flexible when the penis is lying down. But during erection (in English: Erection) it becomes hard and can tear, “break”.

The cause of the complication

If a man’s penis is fully erect and hard, a lot of pressure is applied and causes the blood filled cylinders inside it to bend.

The tissue of the penis cylinders, which ruptures like inflated balloons due to pressure, is also torn from the bend and causes severe bleeding under the skin, which causes severe pain and swelling in the penis, which continues to bleed under the skin even to the chest area and below. The neck may also be extended.


During sexual intercourse with an inappropriate movement, the man suddenly hears a sound like breaking a bone, feels severe pain and his testicles swell, and looking at the painful part shows that the penis is broken and swollen.

After an acute fracture of the penis, if the person does not go to the emergency room and the damaged tissue is not repaired, in the next erection, the blood will not be enclosed inside the cylinders of the penis, and like a punctured balloon, blood will come out from the same place of injury, and as a result, the bleeding will intensify. Hypodermic and inability to get an erection, which can also cause impotence.

Causes of complications and treatment methods and complications of non-repair or late repair and diagnosis

The most common condition that leads to the fracture of the penis in men is when the woman acts as an active person during intercourse, in such a way that when the man is lying on his back and the woman is sitting, they have intercourse on the man’s penis.

In this case, if during intercourse, the woman suddenly tries to sleep on the man or moves backwards in such a way that the pubic bone of the woman presses on the trunk of the man’s penis and leads to the fracture of the man’s penis.

Treatment method

One of urological emergencies is penile fracture. In such an incident, you should go to the emergency room quickly, until you reach the emergency room, you should wrap the penis with a cloth filled with ice so that the hematoma does not get worse.

If the tissue heals itself over time, the tear site is repaired unevenly and unevenly, which itself causes the inability to get an erection in the future, or if the lesion is not severe, this tissue unevenness leads to penile curvature during erection in the future.

The repair is surgical and emergency, and this repair should be done as soon as possible, the possibility of complications will decrease, and the hematoma and torn membrane should be repaired.

Undrained hematoma (bleeding under the skin) can become fibrotic, give the penis an abnormal shape and condition, cause serious damage to the normal function of erection, and finally lead to impotence. And the person should rest and not have sex for several weeks.

Complications of non-repair or late repair

Impotence, bending and bending of the penis during erection, changing the shape of the penis in the shape of an hourglass (thinning of a small part of the trunk of the penis), which during intercourse will cause the penis to repeatedly bend from the same narrow and weak part.


Membrane rupture is diagnosed by listening to the incident and examining the patient’s limb.

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