Important points you need to know about tattoos and eyebrow shading

A dermatologist said that the presence of heavy metals in the color of eyebrow tattoos leads to skin cancer.

Dr. Hamid Rashnoo stated: It is important to use a substance called ink in tattoos and eyebrow creams, some of these dyes (inks) contain heavy metals such as arsenic and iron and may remain permanent and can not be removed.

He continued: “Some red and orange colors that are used for tattoos and eyebrows can cause skin sensitivity and inflammation.” Even by reducing the place of tattoos and hatches, the pigment may remain on the skin, leading to redness, itching, and long-term scarring.
“The tools used for tattoos and eyebrows can cause skin reactions and infections, and the sores can cause itching and itching,” said the dermatologist. If the tool is not used once, it will lead to hepatitis and AIDS.
The dermatologist added: “Permanent tattoos are difficult to remove and cause scarring (extra skin damage and scarring) which is not pleasant and after a while it causes regret.”
He said: “Depending on the type of material such as heavy metals that are present in the color of the tattoo, this can lead to skin cancer.”
“Tattoo applicants should get services from people who are licensed and use disposable sanitary ware,” Rashno said.
Source: Health News

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