Improper diet and infertility

Improper nutrition plays an important role in male infertility and can have a great impact on their childbearing. Improper diet and not following a proper and healthy diet has an important role in their childbearing!

Researchers say that men who have poor diets or are high in saturated fat halve their chances of becoming fathers.

Scientists have warned that diets that lack nutritional value are associated with reduced fertility, and that too much fat in these diets lowers sperm count.
Although the effect of being overweight on reducing the fertility of obese people compared to lean people has already been identified, new research shows that even lean people lose their fertility if they consume large amounts of unhealthy foods.

Three new studies presented at a fertility conference in the United States show that high consumption of fatty foods reduces the chances of couples conceiving, and in cases of ectopic fertilization, weak fetuses are produced.
A team of researchers from Harvard School of Public Health and Massachusetts General Hospital in a study examined the effect of consuming trans fats on the fertility of 141 men who tried to conceive through in vitro fertilization.
The researchers found that fertility rates were lowest in couples whose men had the most trans fat in their diets.
According to the study, men with the best diets had an 83 percent fertility rate, but men with the worst diets, who received 20 percent of their calories from trans fats, had a 47 percent fertility rate.
Trans fats are found in margarines, cakes, biscuits and restaurant food.


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