Improper nail care practices

Unhealthy nails can be due to bad practices that we may not even be aware of, so read the following tips and use them to have healthier nails and better and more durable manicures.

Bad habit number 1: not getting wet

If you forget to soften and moisturize your nails with different oils, then you must have dry and brittle nails. If you use olive oil in the kitchen and want to add it to food or salads, put some in your hand. This strengthens and moisturizes the nails. Fingernails naturally grow about one-eighth of an inch each month, and you keep them moisturized and strengthened to help them maintain their natural growth.

Bad Habit # 2: Cutting the skin around the nails

Never do this as it may cause infection and it will grow faster and thicker next time. Always keep them oily and moist so they do not dry out. This is much better than catching them.

Bad Habit # 3: Shaking Lacquer Glass

Instead of shaking the lacquer glass, which may be trapped by air, hold the glass upright and rotate the tube between your hands to allow the liquid to drain.

Bad Habit No. 4: Unhealthy Nutrition

Foods that strengthen nails usually contain zinc, vitamin E and biotin. Foods like salmon, chicken, eggs, coconut oil and vegetables like spinach and avocado.


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