Improve sexual relations with these 9 sports movements

How can you improve sex with exercise? We all know that exercise has many health benefits, including burning calories, but did you know that timed exercise can definitely have a positive effect on your sex life? It may sound silly, but it’s a fact: not only does exercise keep you looking young and great, being active saves money and, like the bomb, makes for a better sex experience. In this article from the section sexual And Exercise and health Hello, Dr. Salam, we will examine 9 sports movements that will bring your sex life under the spotlight.

The effect of exercise on improving sex and marital life

We asked six experts about the relationship between regular exercise and improved sex, and all of them agreed with this issue and attributed it to increased self-confidence and the release of endorphins. When you are physically active, whether you are sleeping or working, you feel the good flow of hormones in your body.

There are countless exercises that can help you have a healthy sex life. “Endorphins produced by exercise help release sex hormones and are good for your health,” says physical education expert Kerry Corcoran. So if you feel sexually hot on the days you do heavy exercise, that’s probably why.

Now that you know how good exercise is for your sex life, what specific exercises should you do at the gym to get the most out of it? You will see below.

Improve sex with these sports

Improve sexual relations

Sumo squat

Bayer, the athletic trainer, explains how beneficial this open-leg twist is to the regular squat. “In this sport, aerobic activity is as beneficial as strength activities. Kneeling or sitting in a position where the knees are kept high are the common positions of this exercise. If a person squats up and down, this will tire the legs. But the sumo squat is great.

In a standing position with the legs hip-width apart, the legs are bent and we do squats. In the lowest position of the body, the knees are outwards. Sit as comfortably as you can, hold for a breath, and then stand up. Do 3 sets of 15. To increase the intensity of the relaxation, count to 5 in each sitting and then stand up.

Swimming with closed hands to improve sex

We apologize if swimming seems difficult to you, but swimming is one of the most effective exercises for the whole body. Bayer explains swimming with closed hands as this swimming is like normal swimming but in that the hands are closer than shoulder width apart. Bayer says that this type of swimming is very useful for strengthening the muscles and strengthens the arms; The arms you use to hold yourself up during sex. According to his advice, 3 sets of 10 to 12 repetitions and holding yourself in the upper position for 3 seconds is the best position.

Improve sexual relations

Pelvic ups and downs

Katie Dunlop, a ballet instructor and creator of an online bodybuilding community, says about the importance of pelvic floor exercises: “This exercise is taught in many gyms, but people don’t know exactly what its importance is.” Your pelvic floor muscles are the best muscles to support the most feminine parts of your body. If these muscles are weak, bladder control becomes difficult and bowel movements occur, and sexual power is also affected. Strengthening these muscles gives more control over these parts of the body and deeper sex and a more attractive experience. Finding these muscles in your body is easy. “Just think about the muscles that control your urine.”

In this movement, the hip muscles should be raised and lowered, and the abdominal muscles should be shaken at the same time. “Focus on your pelvic floor muscles when doing this move at the gym,” says Dunlop. “Some people mistakenly pull their hips back before pushing their hips forward, which makes the movement less effective.”

Improve sexual relations

Upper back movement and butterfly bridge to improve sex

“Focus on stretching the pelvic floor muscles,” says Corcoran orgasm It makes sex more pleasurable.” So he recommends this move. A movement that strengthens the pelvic muscles in a unique way. But what is the method? “Lie on the floor and on your back, pull your knees. Put your feet together in a butterfly position. Pull yourself up into a bridge position. Hold yourself up and then come back down. Repeat this movement 10 to 20 times. Hold yourself up, then try to move your legs hip-width apart and then repeat this movement with a small upward press.

Open to the sides

This type of squat is also in Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles It is very useful. Corcoran suggests: “Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and turned to the sides. Extend the knees completely and extend the arms parallel to it. In this position, pull yourself up to stand straight and then lower yourself back down. Inner thigh muscles, hip and abdominal muscles are strengthened with each movement. Repeat this movement for 20 to 40 times. Sexual recovery

Improve sex by lifting thigh muscles

“Stephanie Knop”, a sports coach and owner of a large sports company, recommends that you strengthen your thigh muscles. These are the largest and most powerful muscles in your body. Lie on your back and bend your knees. Put the hands around the body. Slowly raise your thighs and engage your thigh muscles. Then come back down slowly and with control so that these muscles are engaged. Nope recommends setting a one-minute timer and doing 3 sets of this exercise 3 times a week to get super strong thighs.

Improve sexual relations

Swimming board

Swimming is an exercise that is useful and necessary in all physical sports, and of course there are good reasons to do it. “This move gives you strength and increases endurance in your abs, back, and core,” explains Knup. This is one of my favorite exercises because it creates a beautiful abdominal shape. In addition to strengthening the trunk (including the back and waist), this movement also strengthens the thigh muscles and hamstrings, which makes the body more balanced. Nope says: “At the beginning of this exercise, start with 3 sets of 10 seconds and rest for 10 seconds between them. Stay in this position for as long as you can for 5 minutes. A topic that will surprise your sexual partner in addition to the strength of the trunk.

Crow form to improve sex

We want to say this: Yoga is one of the best exercises for a very exciting married life. Rebecca Wiebel, the creator of “Yoga” explains why: “Yoga creates a deeper connection between mind and body, so it makes you feel good and pleasurable for both you and your partner.” brings “Yoga, on the other hand, increases self-confidence, so it increases the concentration of people in their work.”

The crow form is one of his most popular movements, which stretches the hip and hip muscles and strengthens the trunk muscles. Of course, this exercise is difficult for amateur yoga practitioners, but once you get it, you will definitely be the queen of the bed.

Ballet movement called Sauté Arabesque

In addition to being in the category of the most delicate sports, ballet is also an emotional and provocative sport and is very useful for those who seek to release their feelings. Jillian Drusic, founder of a ballet center, explains to us one of her unique moves. “A movement that is actually walking on one leg with the legs together in a position where one leg is pulled back. He says this beautiful movement requires the pelvic girdle to be pulled forward and up. This is a movement that makes all your muscles get involved and you actually shine like a goddess in bed.

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