Improving the marital relationship with the spouse

Marital relationship is very effective and important in people’s lives and can improve their mood. It is better for couples to seek quality and strengthen this type of relationship with their spouse.

Learn more about the benefits of marriage

Various benefits for a balanced marital relationship have been suggested in the books and official sources of traditional medicine by the scholars and therapists of traditional Iranian medicine. One of the most important of these is the cleansing of the body and internal organs from harmful impurities and wastes. According to Bu Ali Sina, this cleansing can have very positive and significant results on the mental and physical health of people and also guarantee the health of their lives. The feeling of lightness, vitality and freshness of men and women is one of these benefits.

Reducing and relieving pain is another benefit of a successful marriage. In many texts, it is mentioned that in addition to relieving pain and regulating hormones to reduce physical pain, the marital relationship is also effective in facilitating the treatment of some diseases such as kidney disease, some headaches, dizziness and mental illness. On the other hand, in the sources of traditional medicine written by Hakim Jorjani, men and women who have a balanced and successful marital relationship have better appetite during the day and go to meals with more desire and compare the process of metabolism and food metabolism in their body. He is better and more accurate with other people.

Tune your marital relationship

In order to have a successful marital relationship, various strategies and instructions have been proposed by traditional scholars in Iranian medicine, and paying attention to them can ensure the health of the couple throughout their lives. One of the most important of these commands is the etiquette of the marital relationship and the hours of dealing with it. In these rituals, men and women are advised to abstain from marital relations during times of hunger and after eating so that their body health is not endangered. According to traditional medicine scholars, a marital relationship has many side effects when a person is hungry.

Under these conditions, the body’s strength and power are severely reduced and the body’s immune system is able to fight off diseases. In addition to weakness and paleness, gum diseases such as gingival degeneration and even hair loss occur in people; Therefore, managing this important principle can keep the body strong and healthy and also bring vitality and freshness to people. Otherwise, men and women not only do not feel light and cheerful, but with the bad experience they have gone through, they get a wrong view of their marital relationship, which can have a more destructive effect.

The best time for a marital relationship

In addition to endangering the health of both men and women during starvation, doing this activity during satiety is also dangerous and its recurrence and persistence can lead to some chronic diseases. In traditional medicine texts, the best time for a marital relationship is three hours after a meal; Therefore, if a couple intends to have a marital relationship, they should do so about three hours after eating and avoid it when their stomachs are full of food.

The most important reason for traditional medicine scholars to warn couples is that after eating, a lot of energy is expended by the body to pump blood to the digestive organs, and the body wants to use its energy to better digest and absorb food; Therefore, if we engage in a marital relationship during satiety, we lose a lot of energy and increase the risk of various diseases. According to the texts of traditional Iranian medicine, sciatica, varicose veins, tremors, joint pain, back and back pain are among the complications that occur by not observing this principle.

In this situation, the marital relationship is forbidden!

Many couples do not follow any specific rules and regulations for having a marital relationship; While from the point of view of traditional medicine scholars, following the instructions and measures that have been proposed about the marital relationship in the Iranian school of traditional medicine can guarantee the health of the marital relationship and its durability and safety. Traditional healers believe that in some cases, marital intercourse should be avoided in order to maintain the health of men and women.

For example, in these texts, it is mentioned that if a woman or a husband has experienced diarrhea and vomiting for any reason, or has performed purification for the purpose of cleansing the body and expelling harmful substances, he should not experience a marital relationship in the hours leading up to this act. . A woman or a man with a disease of the stomach or urinary tract and intestinal infections, it is better to experience a marital relationship after the treatment of the disease and the stages of its treatment.

In addition, fatigue, mental and physical stress, stress, anxiety and tension are some of the things that if a spouse experiences it, they should avoid engaging in a marital relationship so that their physical and mental condition returns to normal. In this situation, with more concentration and energy, they can experience a successful marital relationship.

Draw a line around extremes

By studying the knowledge of Iranian traditional medicine scholars about the etiquette of marital relationship, it is clear that creating moderation in the process of life and marital relations is the most important principle of health and permanence of the relationship. In many traditional medicine texts, sages have forbidden couples to leave the marital relationship in the process of life. This group of sages believes that leaving the marital relationship prevents the excretion of waste products and some inappropriate impurities in the body.

In this way, these impurities remain in the body and eventually cause the body to suffer from diseases and disorders. In fact, the marital relationship causes some of the impurities that have accumulated in the body to leave the body during the relationship; Contaminants that persist in the body cause diseases such as dizziness, swollen lymph nodes, blurred vision, heaviness and weakness of the body and pelvic pain.

On the other hand, excess in the marital relationship and getting out of balance and moderation in it also has many side effects for the couple. In traditional medicine texts, diseases such as liver weakness, stomach weakness, vision and hearing loss, depression, some neurological diseases and seizures are among these diseases that come to people with excessive attention to marital relationship.

Advice from traditional medicine experts to enhance sexual potency

– Traditional medicine specialists use various methods to strengthen sexual power or treat couples’ sexual diseases.

– In addition to considering the psychological, individual, personality aspects of each person, they pay attention to his lifestyle and work.

– The most important principle in creating balance and strengthening and improving marital relationships of couples is to pay attention to their lifestyle.

– These therapists to improve couples’ relationships by modifying their lifestyles such as nutrition, bedtime and waking hours, bathing, herbal medicine, medication and other natural methods such as oil therapy, aromatherapy, exercise therapy and even music therapy to treat and improve relationships. They take marital action. The level of cooperation between couples and the strict implementation of the instructions given to them by the traditional medicine specialist is very effective in the success of the treatment process.

If you have never thought about the importance of temperament in the success of a marital relationship, read on

The effect of temperament on marital relationship

Every human being, according to his temperament, should use measures appropriate to his temperament to strengthen his body so that he can experience a proper, healthy and balanced marital relationship during his married life. For example, a person with a temperamental temperament should use measures and instructions that help to moderate his temperament. All people with different temperaments can use special measures in consultation with a traditional medicine specialist.

cold and dry

If a couple, according to a traditional healer, has a cold and dry temper, they should eat foods such as kebabs and a variety of dishes prepared with young mutton, or use spices such as ginger and cinnamon in their diet, and eat a half-packed egg breakfast. Slow down and avoid cold pickles and snacks. This person should take a bath only once a week and try to massage his body with warm natural oils and sleep in a warm space and bed.

Cold and wet

People with cold and hot temperaments can also use the same hot and dry temperament foods and add more ginger to their foods. Drinking honey syrup and replacing it with water and beverages can also help improve their marital relationship. Smelling incense or warm oils during the day also helps to balance the mood of this group.

Warm and dry

On the other hand, people with hot and dry temperaments can take action to improve their mood by improving their diet. Spinach, squash, mung bean and foods made with goat, chicken and fish, and the inclusion of grapes in the evening diet can be effective in improving the mood of these people. On the other hand, traditional medicine scholars believe that bathing in hot water and sitting in a tub with hot water and massaging the limbs with oils such as violet oil can help improve the mood of this group and improve their marital relationship.

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