In summer, take care of the health of the eyes and the skin around it

Do you think that just applying sunscreen is enough to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the summer sun? So think again.

Your eyes also need care. اشع‌های UV Not only are they harmful to your skin, they can also damage your eyes. In this article, we have listed simple and effective ways to protect the eyes

Quality sunglasses

It is very important to buy and use glasses that are 100% against UVA And UVB They have protection. Then be sure to put your glasses on your eyes every time you go out. This protects your eyes and allows you to walk in the sun without squinting..

Sprinkle water on the face

Due to the heat and exposure to the sun, your eyes are under pressure. Therefore, to keep them safe, spray cool water on your face regularly and drink plenty of water.. These measures will prevent the skin from drying out and puffing around your eyes.

Turn to nature

If your eyes are swollen and you are upset about this, put a slice of cucumber on your eyes for 10 minutes before going to bed.. Cucumber is cooling. It also helps to eliminate bruising under the eyes and absorb a lot of moisture.

Eye training

Eye exercises help relieve fatigue and strengthen eye muscles. Exercising your eyes daily also improves your eyesight and reduces the risk of eye diseases and infections..

Post-swim care

It is one of the most enjoyable summer recreations or sports because of its cool swimming.. However, it is very important to protect your eyes in water, because chlorine in water can be harmful to your eyes..

So when swimming, wear goggles on your eyes and after swimming, rinse them with clean water before rubbing your hands on your eyes..


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