In your opinion, what is the effect of soy consumption in menopause?!

Day by day, as women get older and get closer to menopause, little by little, fear fills them from head to toe, but many women have the question: Does soy have an effect on menopause? Dear ones, by reading this article completely, you can partially answer the questions that arise in your mind.

Soy reduces blood cholesterol for four reasons.

First: soy itself does not contain cholesterol. * Second: it contains protein that reduces blood cholesterol. * Third: The fatty acids in soy are unsaturated. * Fourth: It has plant estrogen, which plays an important role in reducing cholesterol. It goes without saying that soy consumption during menopause is very useful because it has plant estrogen, it is very useful in reducing the phenomenon of hot flashes and swelling in menopausal women.

Source: Kermani

October 14, 2014 03:00

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