Incidence of dizziness with vitamin D deficiency and stress

Vitamin D deficiency and stress are the main causes of dizziness. Vertigo is considered one of the most common diseases among people all over the world and it can even have different causes.

An audiologist said: lack of vitamin D and Stress It is the main cause of dizziness in people.

Hamid Jalilvand, an audiologist, said: Vertigo is one of the common diseases among the people of the world, and various causes play a role in its occurrence.

He said: Vertigo is caused by infection and problems in the inner ear because the body’s balance organs and control center are located next to the inner ear.

Jalilvand stated that the balance and control system of the body is called the vestibular system next to the inner ear, and continued: If the particles like salt crystals on vestibular cells are shaken due to an accident, it causes dizziness in people.

He emphasized: an audiologist evaluates eye movements in different states by performing tests such as “VNG” and using this test as well as eye movements, he notices particles getting stuck.

Jalilvand pointed out that the vestibular system is connected to the eye and everything that happens to this system is reflected in the eye, adding: stress, depressionTaking hard diets, vitamin D deficiency and long-term hospitalization cause dizziness in people.

Source: Young Journalists Club

22 November 2016 13:02

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