Increase hair strength with some effective methods

Maybe you do not have shiny hair like the women you see in shampoo ads, and in fact, as your age increases, you will have a problem called thinning hair. But in fact, there are ways to stop this process and even improve your hair. help. In this article, we want to introduce you to these solutions.

Wash your hair more often

Although you have heard conflicting information about how often you should wash your hair, those who suffer from thinning hair should wash their hair regularly. Oily not only manifests itself more on this type of hair, but its accumulation prevents hair growth. While shampooing, spend a little more time massaging your scalp. This increases blood flow to the follicles, which improves hair growth.

Do not use too many hair products

When it comes to hair serums, volumizers and sprays, only a small amount of them are considered total. Excessive use of these products increases the weight of the hair and the scalp hair looks straight. So be careful if you are involved in thinning hair, use these products less.

Accept the natural texture of your hair

Let ‘s face the truth: Too much pressure equals worse. If you are currently thinning your hair, the last thing you want is double pressure on your scalp. Do not use too many chemicals to relax the hair.

Reduce stress as much as you can

Stress, whether chronic or transient, can prevent hair growth or cause hair to fall out. To prevent this negative effect, reduce your stress by meditating and drinking green tea. Anything else that improves estrogen in a healthy way counts.

Eat right

If your scalp hair is constantly falling out, it is recommended that you have a test to determine the level of iron and vitamin D in your blood. If you have deficiencies in both cases, your doctor will definitely prescribe a supplement that prevents hair loss. In addition to supplements, look for foods that contain vitamin D and iron, including green leafy vegetables, red meat, and legumes.

Try Minoxidil

The only substance approved by the FDA for hair growth stimulation. Minoxidil aims to increase the size of the hair follicle so that it can produce larger hair. Apply directly to the scalp once a day.

Another supplement for women with thinning hair is Viviscal, which is available in capsule form. This capsule is made of fish protein, vitamin C, zinc, biotin and niacin, all of which are used to make healthy and thick hair. Viviscal is more expensive than minoxidil but highly recommended by dermatologists.

Or biotin

Biotin is arguably the most cost-effective supplement. Biotin is a B vitamin complex that is very important for metabolic function. Biotin capsules can help improve the creatine infrastructure of the hair, making it healthier and stronger. That is why patients use these capsules after chemotherapy.

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