Increase libido by changing diet

Have you ever thought about changing your diet to increase your libido? Do you know that one of the best ways to increase libido is to eat certain foods? Pigeon meat and eggs are one of these substances that play a very important role in strengthening sexual power due to the abundance of protein, vitamins, iron and mineral elements.

For this reason, perhaps eating a light dinner prepared with meat or pigeon eggs can promise a pleasant marital relationship during the night for the spouses! Apart from pigeon meat, there are other foods that can increase libido…


To learn more about these foods, you can take a look at these 8 foods that have the most impact!


1 salmon

Salmon, which is easily found in all grocery stores in our country these days, is rich in a mineral called selenium. Men’s bodies cannot produce enough sperm without selenium. In addition, the many antioxidants in salmon prevent the attack and release of many free radicals in the body of young men. Another point is that salmon has a lot of omega-3 and this fatty acid can help maintain the health of the heart, and since having a healthy heart is one of the prerequisites for having a pleasant marital relationship, salmon can be considered a good choice for increasing desire. Know sex!


2 dark chocolates

Have you ever wondered why on the day of love and affection, all the stores are filled with colorful packages of dark chocolate?! It is better to know that dark chocolate contains a large amount of antioxidants and caffeine, and these ingredients can increase blood flow and reach more blood to the reproductive organs and maintain more and better erections in men. In addition, phenylethylamine and serotonin in dark chocolate can increase sexual desire and excitement in people and make their marital relationship more enjoyable.


3 jelly

One of the requirements of having a healthy and satisfying marital relationship is the health of different organs of the body, especially bones and joints. Ballstreet University researchers have proven that the appropriate amount of gelatin in jelly can reduce the joint pain caused by intercourse to an acceptable level and increase the motivation of spouses to increase the number of times they have intercourse.


4 buckwheat groats

Roasted bulgurjo, which may be present in the combination of many types of breakfast cereals, is one of the useful foods for improving the quality of marital relations. Consuming the right amount of buckwheat can provide enough energy for marital relations in your body and reduce the risk of heart disease and its complications, such as cold-temperedness, in you or your spouse. In addition, bulgurjo is rich in manganese and selenium, these two nutrients can play a significant role in the secretion and regulation of sex hormones.


5 bananas

This delicious fruit is rich in potassium and its consumption can provide enough energy to establish marital relations and eliminate your daily fatigue. In addition, the abundant folate in bananas helps to maintain better blood circulation in your body and genitals during sexual intercourse and makes you regain your energy and libido after reaching orgasm.


6 hot red peppers

When you eat spicy foods containing red pepper, the internal metabolic activities of your body increase and your sexual desire and excitement increases. In addition, headaches or body aches caused by marital relations are significantly reduced by eating spicy foods!


7 shrimp

Consuming shrimp regularly and including it in the weekly diet can increase libido. Shrimp is rich in protein, B group vitamins, zinc, iron, calcium and phosphorus, and all these nutrients can greatly increase the motivation and quality of marital relations in people.


8 citrus fruits

Citrus fruits are very good sources of antioxidants, vitamin C and folic acid, which play a significant role in maintaining men’s sexual health. Including citrus fruits in men’s daily diet can also be effective in maintaining proper erection and helping them ejaculate later.

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