Increase your partner’s sexual desire with natural perfumes

Nature has provided us with wonderful natural fragrances such as vanilla, cinnamon, licorice, basil, etc., which can be boldly said that none of the artificial fragrances can compete with them. Scientists’ studies show that the effect of these fragrances is Natural on the attractiveness of people and increase sexual desire is in no way comparable to the artificial perfumes available in the market. Therefore, if you want to influence your partner’s sexual passion, you do not need to spend a lot of money to buy expensive artificial perfumes. And use them. In this article, we will introduce you to amazing natural fragrances.


For centuries, vanilla has been used as an ingredient in Chinese and French perfumes. Since the seventeenth century, vanilla has been recommended by doctors as an elixir that helps promote male sexual potency. In 1898, in a book, Dr. John King recommended vanilla extract to “stimulate male sexual desire”: The positive effects of vanilla are particularly strong among older men. It induces happiness, joy and peace. According to Dr. Carrieg Warren of the Odor and Fragrance Center, “Vanillahs happily creates in the whole world. “Of all the fragrances, vanilla is the most popular in the world.”

Black licorice

Perhaps more than any other scent, licorice strongly influences the advancement of the female Saxford. In Dr. Alan Hirsch’s studies, the strongest aromatic compounds for women are licorice and cucumber, in addition to a very large and good amount of hyacinth sweets. A combination of donuts and licorice can increase sexual arousal in both men and women. Licorice combined with fruity scent works wonders!


Almost everyone (even the wicked ones) agree that cinnamon is one of the most pleasing aromas on earth. In one study, the smell of cinnamon balls increased blood flow to the penis more than any other scent. Apply a small drop of cinnamon oil on the (female) penis before sexual intercourse… and then thank.

Pumpkin cake

It is no coincidence that pumpkin cake contains vanilla and cinnamon, as they are both milkshakes. One study found that a combination of pumpkin and valerian perfume increased blood flow by up to 40 percent in the penis and by up to 11 percent in the penis. Pumpkin cake and dumplings increase the penis size by up to 20%.

Banana nut bread

Regarding this delicious scent, it was found that it has almost as strong an effect on stimulating women as stimulating licorice and cucumber. Gentlemen, if you really want to impress the ladies, force them to eat a dinner without the main meal – just a cucumber salad as an appetizer with a well-baked fresh banana nut bread and plenty for dessert, again you You will be grateful.


Listen – A study has shown that if you smell like a pink grapefruit, men will automatically think you are younger than you look. In one study, the smell of Portugal irritated 20% of men. So take those bottles of citrus body oil and touch them.

pop corn

The warm, floating Korean smell of salted popcorn increases irritation in men by about 10 percent. And why shouldn’t anyone like eating popcorn with their spouse?


In one study, this sweet, rare, and sensitive scent lit up the sexual senses of 11 percent of men who were exposed to it. Other flowers that are known to have the effect of stimulating sexual instincts include violets, orchids and geraniums.

White sandalwood

When used as a massage oil, this light woody scent has been a part of Tantric rituals for thousands of years. White sandalwood is said to start the second of the seven psychic forces (in yoga) and enhance a person’s sexual response. It is said that the presence of white sandalwood in the bedroom induces stronger orgasms.

Lavender perfume

It is said that there were many women in history who used the scent of lavender to provoke men. It is said that the fragrance of lavender gives them a sense of calm and attractiveness and caress.

Jasmine flower

Dr. Carrieg Warren claims that jasmine is the most sensual natural scent. This flower has been used for its colorful properties in Asian countries, which dates back to ancient times. This delicate white flower contains a compound known as indole, which is found abundantly around the human penis.

Almond kernels

Oh gentlemen, women love the smell of almond kernels. This affects women much, much more than men. If you want to own a woman, rain her with almond kernels!


In Italy, young women apply basil oil to arouse men. It is said that this sensitive herb سازی specifically affects the regeneration of the sexual part of life that has been weakened..

Black pepper

Spicy spices such as black pepper, red pepper and garlic can sexually stimulate and increase heart rate. Reactions that mimic the human sexual response. For centuries, Eastern cultures have been attracted to the properties of black pepper for its lust-seeking properties.

Roses or roses

Women love this scent. To increase their sexual desire, men are said to rub rose-scented oil on their nostrils, palms, behind their ears and between their beards.


If you want to increase your sexual ability (who does not want to?) Then do what the ancient Romans did… Eat lots of spicy and sweet ginger.


More than any other scent, mint is said to increase the possibility of multiple orgasms in women. It also improves a person’s mood, which is what usually happens when a person has multiple orgasms.

Source: Online Physician

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