Increased risk of heart disease with respiratory infection up to 17 times

According to Mehr reporter, Australian researchers examined 578 people with heart attack and found that 17% had symptoms of respiratory infection within seven days before the heart attack and 21% one month before.

The University of Sydney research team found that the risk of a heart attack a week after a respiratory infection is 17 times higher.

In the second analysis, the researchers focused on upper respiratory tract infections such as colds, sore throats, hay fever (spring colds), and sinus infections.

“Participants who reported mild symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections had a 13-fold lower risk of heart attack,” says Lorcan Ron, a member of the research team.

According to the research team, the possible causes of respiratory infections that cause heart attacks include increased risk of blood clots, inflammation and toxic substances damaging blood vessels, and changes in blood flow.


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