Increasing infertility rates among Iranian men

Unfortunately, the number of infertility among Iranian men is increasing day by day, which is a warning sign for the birth rate and fertility in our country!

The director of Ibn Sina Infertility Treatment Center, emphasizing that infertility is more common in men in our country, the main causes of which are related to diseases such as varicocele and especially varicocele, said: The origin of infertility goes back to couples, which can be one or both. Involve in infertility.

Dr. Behzad Ghorbani said: The causes of infertility go back to couples, according to which 40% of male factors, 40% of female factors and 20% of the total of two factors, male and female, are involved in infertility.

The psychiatrist pointed out that varicocele is a common disease that leads to infertility in men: This disease can develop after puberty and cause changes in testicular tissue as a clump of venous tissue.

He continued: “Considering that most men have this disease, but the disease remains untreated due to ignorance.” Kidney and urinary tract surgeons can increase the quality and number of sperm in these patients by treating them, which is often a successful treatment.

The victim described another infertility problem in men as the nature of sperm, noting that low or low sperm motility leads to infertility. There are also many men who do not have sperm, and this is both a disease and a sign of a syndrome.

“The symptoms of infertility in women are very different,” she said. “These symptoms include the effects of ovarian and uterine factors, including premature menopause and reduced ovulation in the ovaries, which can have a significant effect on infertility. Lead to infertility in them.

He attributed the infertility in women to intrauterine disorders and said: “There are a large number of large fibroids or cysts in the uterus that cause disorders and can be treated by examination and prescribing medication; But these cysts may recur in the uterus.

The director of Ibn Sina Infertility Treatment Center stated: “Many people are always afraid because of the fear of saying their infertility, and due to the tolerance threshold and personality traits in people, this issue causes problems in them, such as isolation, disconnection with others.” , Relocation, self-blame nasal, depression, anxiety and dysfunction daily.

Infertile people can get better results from treatment by consulting experienced doctors, being patient and staying calm until infertility treatment.

The psychiatrist considered lowering the age of marriage as one of the effective factors in reducing infertility and added: “Increasing the age of the couple causes them to lose time to have children.” Reducing the gap between marriage and childbearing is also effective in infertility; Because if a couple is infertile, infertility treatment is long and age is very important and effective in reproduction and infertility treatment.

The victim stressed: “It is better for people to think about solving the problem when it becomes apparent that they are infertile, and to be sure that nothing will happen to cure them if they hide it and do not solve it.” They can also start their treatment by visiting infertility centers; Because infertility treatment is a team effort.

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