Increasing salt consumption among people

Unfortunately, according to the Minister of Health, the amount of salt in the food we consume is very high, and this issue will end up harming people’s health. It is better to consider the warnings of the Minister of Health in this regard and read carefully. He expressed dissatisfaction with the state of salt consumption among Our compatriots did and warned us about the harm of using that harmful seasoning.

The Minister of Health announced his displeasure about the amount of salt in food.

Seyyed Hasan Ghazizadeh Hashemi, Minister of Health, Treatment and Medical Education, in response to a question about his satisfaction with the amount of salt in bread and cheese, said: I am not satisfied with this situation, but I am satisfied with the cooperation of industries to reduce the amount of salt. The amount of salt in food, including bread and cheese, should be reduced by 10%, which requires a 10-year period to achieve this goal.

He continued: We have to accept that we cannot change people’s taste all at once, because reducing the amount of sugar and salt by industries will not be well received by the people and they will suffer financial losses.

The Minister of Health added: We hope that industries in this competitive market will seek to increase the health of their products, because these foods will also go to their tables.

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