Increasing the quality and diversification of sex

Try to enjoy sex with your wife and try to acquire the necessary skills in this field together and diversify it and reduce the coldness and monotony in it. The quality of sex has an important impact on your married life.

One of the questions that couples often ask is how to have the most pleasure during sex.

The main reason why many couples do not see excitement in their sex life is that they are not mentally present at the moment of having sex.

Many of you get your work done at a great speed during the day and when you get home you think to yourself why should I focus on my sexual pleasures and do them slowly and calmly! To have sex with full concentration and attention, you should pay attention to several points.

Appreciate what you get in this way and move towards success

Are you stressed about what you have to do? Do you find it difficult to prioritize sex in your life?

After you understand what kind of stress is draining your mental energy, take proactive steps to minimize it. Turn off your cell phone and computer and write down your plans for the next day.

Principles of sexual pleasure

Take an honest look at your expectations of your sex life

Do you force yourself to have sex when you don’t feel like it? Are there things you don’t allow yourself to do during sex, or things you want that you can’t ask your partner for?

Don’t let rules tell you when and how to have sex. Compulsion is the opposite of enjoyment.

Improve your sexual skills

Sex isn’t taught well, but if you don’t feel good about having sex with your partner, your mind will undoubtedly go elsewhere.

Fortunately, learning how to have good sex can be fun for both of you. You can read books together, listen to music, go to workshops or even seek help from a counselor.

Practice being in the present outside of bed as well

Being present in the moment, like any other skill, requires growth and development. Most people find it easier to learn to be present in the moment in activities other than sex.

Try to sit for 5 minutes several times a day and pay attention to your inner world in a quiet place. Practice paying attention to your body when you’re moving, like when you’re walking down the street or even when you’re exercising.

Gradually move yourself into the moment and slowly back up

In general, moving into or out of consciousness is normal. You will definitely be more successful in distracting yourself for a moment than trying not to think about a particular subject in the moment. When you see that your mind is going in another direction, take a deep breath and try to draw your attention to the present moment. Focus on your feelings and ask your partner to give some time.

Distractions during sex can be frustrating, but taking the time to figure out why can be a valuable experience. Developing skills that help you enjoy the moment can make sex enjoyable.

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