Increasing the skin’s resistance against sagging

What are the symptoms of sagging and sagging of our skin? What are the important ways to prevent this condition on the face? slow and make it hard and firm and treat its laxity.

The sagging of the face and the loosening of the skin of the muscles and deep structures of the face gradually occurs from the age of 25 and shows itself with the appearance of the laugh line, the line on the side of the chin and the gradual sagging of the skin on the sides of the lower jaw. This will transform the face from a V shape to a U shape or transform the face from a triangular shape to an oval shape.

The best treatment for sagging facial skin is to strengthen the deep structures of the face using a firm scaffold that has a high lifting effect, and it is better to do this as soon as the first signs of facial sagging appear and from time to time. This skeleton can be strengthened by using lift threads.

Lift threads are absorbable threads with spines in different directions, which penetrate and get stuck into the subcutaneous tissue, and with the tension applied by the doctor and being placed in the right place, they pull the tissue up, and the appearance is beautiful and They create the desired. Of course, this is only the first result of a thread lift. Gradually, these threads are absorbed by the skin and the resulting fibrosis (restorative tissue) increases the effect of the thread lift. Of course, better blood supply to the skin, brightening and tightening of the skin, and removal of surface wrinkles should also be added to these effects.
For whom can thread lift be done?
Almost all people with the appearance of sagging skin from the age of 25 until the end of their life can do a thread lift. Only people with coagulation disorders or taking warfarin, or people who have had a history of (permanent) gel page injection, cannot do this.
tip :
In case of any history of herpes, it is mandatory to take preventive medication with your doctor’s opinion 48 hours before thread lift.
A thread lift can be done very easily and with local anesthesia in the office in about an hour. After a thread lift, you should avoid putting pressure on the lift areas for two weeks. Thread lift results are visible immediately after work and will be better visible every day. Three months after the lift, the results are clear and reach their maximum within eight months after the lift and remain for about one and a half to two years.

Some people with very severe sagging need a repair about three months after the initial lift, which will have much better and more lasting results by using one or two threads on each side of the lift. A surgical lift is usually recommended for people over 60 years old; While lifting with thread can be done from a very young age (over 25) and can be repeated. In short, it can be said that thread lift is the best treatment for face sagging in people who are young or do not want to undergo lift surgery.

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10 September 1395 18:00

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